List of Artificial Intelligence Tools  for Personal Use

Here’s just a snippet of the post. You’ll have to fight through what appears to be a New York City – Times Square site design but I haven’t seen this much content consolidated in this way.

“Personal / In-Home
Ems–  helps you find the perfect place to live
Bridge Kitchen -  kitchen assistant for turn-by-turn directions in the kitchen
UnifyID– verify your identity by the way you walk, type and sit

Carly– helps you manage phone calls
ETCH–  helps you manage your networks into a searchable database
Findo –  Your smart search assistant across email, files &personal cloud
Leap –  recommends companies to apply for based on your skills
Lomi –  identifies sales leads
Mosaic –  helps you write better resumes
Newton– helps you find a dream job
Notion– helps with email overload, organisation and communication
Robby–  a better and smarter calendar
Stella– scans for jobs and helps manage your application process
Woo –  helps you make smarter decision for your career, anonymously
Aloe–  replaces your notes books, diary and meeting preparation material
Wade&Wendy–  your career advisor – browser widget that helps you learn about people your emailing”

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