Product Management in the Artificial Intelligence Era

“How are product and service development changing in the artificial intelligence (AI) era? How is AI affecting the product management profession? And what do you need to learn in order to stay current in the industry? This course will answer these questions and others, bringing you up to speed with the business side of AI and strengthening your core product management skills when working in this sphere. AI-based products and services are fundamentally different from their non-AI counterparts in that they employ a “search” approach rather than a “programming” approach; we no longer tell the computer what to do, instead we train it for what we want. This difference constitutes a paradigm shift in product management and team structures. AI solution teams, for example, include new roles like data scientist, data engineer, or AI architect. An educated AI product manager will know how to gather AI product requirements and then lay out a viable roadmap for these new teams; this course will show you how. We will learn from Silicon Valley industry experts how high tech companies like Yahoo, eBay, Google, and Amazon created new market opportunities by utilizing AI and how their operations differ from non-AI companies. By the end of the course, you will have crucial know-how and frameworks to create impactful AI-driven products and services and successfully lead AI teams, practices, and partnerships.

Adnan Boz, Senior Manager, Technical Products, NVIDIA. Adnan Boz has worked in artificial intelligence (AI) for nearly a decade and has over twenty-five years of experience in the software industry. Before coming to NVIDIA, he led the AI, experimentation, and personalization platform products teams at eBay and earlier, the Yahoo Sports, Finance, and homepage news personalization AI products teams. He also co-founded several AI and software startups, including Move to AI and ThumzApp.”

Adnan Boz

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