Adobe beefs up its Magento ecommerce platform with AI and reveals early online holiday sales results

“Adobe’s Sensei uses visual AI to recognize and process product imagery and match patterns, Jason Woosley, vice president of commerce product and platform for Adobe’s Experience Business, writes in a blog post. Because the recommendations feature is visually driven, merchants do not need to collect and analyze consumer behavioral data to use it, making it faster to implement, Adobe says. The feature will be available Dec. 8.”

Citi Ventures is shifting from artificial intelligence to artificial enlightenment | ZDNet

“Colella believes the tools of artificial intelligence can be used to analyze granular data in real-time in order to help provide people and organizations with personalized, in situ insights to inform and improve their daily lives and work. She believes this is artificial enlightenment (AE). According to Colella, the shift from intelligence to enlightenment is made possible by today’s computational tools and vast quantities of data are making this new paradigm possible. Colella writes about three driving factors behind AE”

Vanessa Colella

Chief Innovation Officer

ROI of AI Falling Short at 89% of Organizations

  • “According to research by MIT Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group, the challenge of achieving data and analytics maturity has moved from understanding the power of AI to actually recognizing the financial benefits of the technology. Unfortunately, the research found that only 10% of companies that deploy AI actually realize significant financial benefits.
  • A survey done after the pandemic impacted banking found that 75% of financial institutions considered themselves “not adept” at using data and analytics for the determination of “next best action” for marketing purposes.”

No Free Shipping, Long Delivery Windows And Poor Tracking Among The Top ‘Holiday Hold-Ups’ Consumers Say Will Keep Them From Purchasing With A Brand Or Retailer

“Three of the most common reasons holiday shoppers would stop buying from a brand or retailer this year are about delivery:

* No or discontinued free shipping – 42 percent
* Long delivery windows – 29 percent
* If the brand/retailer has no/poor tracking around shipping timelines/delays – 21 percent”

No Free Shipping, Long Delivery Windows and Poor Tracking Among the Top ‘Holiday Hold-Ups’ Consumers Say Will Keep Them From Purchasing With a Brand or Retailer