Spanish bank applies AI to staff training

  • “The latest version of CaixaBank’s Virtaula training portal uses AI to profile staff and identify what training they might benefit from. A chatbot, which communicates using natural language, will also assist staff accessing courses if they want to take up suggestions.
  • Another HR example is in Singapore, where DBS bank is using the technology to screen applicants for wealth management jobs, with the aim of saving 40 man-hours a month. A platform known as Jim (Jobs Intelligence Maestro) supports staff in reviewing CVs, collecting responses to pre-screening questions and conducting psychometric tests.”

What is the state of AI in India?

  • “A day may come in the future when words spoken in one vernacular language would automatically be translated into another to ease out communication between people belonging to two distinct geographies.
  • We will set up 25 hubs focusing on diverse areas. Each hub will have multiple academic institutions and industry.
  • Even with government funding and industry participation, India is just at the starting point of a promising long road to harness AI for societal benefits.”

Why Agile Methodologies Miss The Mark For AI & ML Projects

  • “Existing methodologies that are either application development-centric or enterprise architecture focused or rooted in hardware or software development approaches face significant challenges when faced with the unique lifecycle requirements of AI projects.
  • Is the deliverable the algorithm, the training data, the model that aggregates them, the code that uses the model for a particular application, all of the above, none of the above? The answer is yes.
  • Responding to the needs for a more iterative approach to data mining and analytics, a consortium of five vendors developed the Cross-industry standard process for data mining (CRISP-DM)”–ml-projects/amp/

2020: The Year Of Artificial Intelligence For Your Business

  • “Close to 40% of businesses use artificial intelligence (AI). This number was estimated at 5% to 10%, but a survey by IBM showed that we grossly underestimated the scale of AI’s existence.
  • This number is set to grow to 80% to 90% over the next 18-24 months.
  • Here are some processes and areas AI is making inroads in with organizations around the world:
  • 1. Hiring and retaining people

    2. Gathering and using data

    3. Decision-making

    4. Measuring results”