The AI Ladder: Accelerate Your Journey to AI by Rob Thomas and Paul Zikopoulos

“‘The AI Ladder’ is a practical guide to help businesses evaluate where they are in their artificial intelligence journey and what they need to take to launch an AI solution. Robert Thomas, general manager of IBM data and artificial intelligence, explores AI’s drivers, values, opportunities, and challenges. Paperback $49.99.”

The AI Ladder: Accelerate Your Journey to AI

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AI’s role in retail

  • “Domino’s uses artificial intelligence to determine its pizza delivery times and, in Australia and New Zealand, to monitor quality. Sephora’s ColorIQ scans shoppers’ skin to provide custom recommendations for foundation and concealer. Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab is experimenting with a number of artificial intelligence tools.
  • ‘retailers — except for the top ones — are struggling to find talent for an internal team to bring that kind of data science on board. There is a great push to find solution providers with AI embedded. It basically democratizes the capabilities that AI brings to the table.’
  • ‘Yes, in the long run, Amazon would love to think that everyone is using Alexa to shop but that’s not the real endgame. All the other uses — the queries, the questions, checking the score in the game, the weather — all of that data can begin to inform Amazon’s strategy and choices. It’s not simply about order data but being privy to some of the most intimate queries that customers are making.’”