What an AI-powered World Cup obscures

“FIFA is touting an AI-powered decision-making system that will use sensors in the actual soccer ball to help determine calls. A vast network of facial recognition-enabled cameras will track the crowd, with technology in the same family as that deployed by the controversial firm Clearview AI. AI-powered sensors in the stadiums will even help control the climate.”


STORE OF THE FUTURE Inside the ‘futuristic’ Walmart – see if the new high-tech features are expected at your store

  • “The revamping of the traditional superstore comes as ever-day shopping habits have continued to lean heavily in favor of e-commerce and online shopping.
  • Shoppers can expect to find new dynamic displays of items with digital touchpoints as well as QR codes to find more information or options for the merchandise.
  • Walmart Plus is a monthly or annually paid subscription to the superstore to get access to free shipping and delivery, gas savings, rewards, video streaming with Paramount+, and limited time offers such as Spotify deals.”


Digging Into KeyBank’s Conversational AI Strategy

“In the first month after the AI initiative went live, Kontul reports there were nearly 3,000 daily sessions with MyKey, for a total of 250,000 interactions. The digital assistant is also reducing cost to serve by solving customer problems within the app rather than using other channels with an 84% ‘containment rate’ so far.”


Digital Banking…Chatbots

  • “According to a recent study from Cornerstone Advisors, 40% of consumers between the ages of 21 and 55 who contacted a human when opening a checking account said they tried to get the information they needed online but couldn’t find it, and 28% said the bank’s website or mobile app didn’t support what they needed to do.
  • According to Cornerstone Advisors’ 2022 What’s Going On in Banking study, just one in five banks and credit unions currently have a chatbot deployed—and just handful of those institutions are truly offering an intelligent digital assistant.
  • But the underlying technology—conversational AI—is already having an impact on consumers’ mobile banking experience. Consumers’ rating of their banks’ mobile banking experience is higher for institutions deploying conversational AI than for those that don’t deploy the technology.”


Webinar: Banking on Change: How to Achieve Exponential Growth in the Age of AI

  • “Understand the biggest dangers that threaten your financial brand’s future growth potential in the Age of AI
  • Learn how to navigate the complexities of change with a repeatable framework everyone on your team can learn
  • Know exactly what you need to do to bridge the gap between knowing and growing
  • Maximize your exponential growth potential every 90 days to forever increase your confidence in a confusing and chaotic world
  • Walk away with the two most powerful questions you can ask yourself and your team every day”