Web Seminar How banks are winning with AI and automated machine learning

Dec. 03, 2019 | 2 PM ET/11 AM PT

Hosted by American Banker

“Topics include:

  • Some of the highest value uses of AI in every line of business and function in a bank
  • How banks can mitigate the data science talent shortage
  • Case studies describing how leading practitioners are leveraging automated machine learning today
  • Simple rules for spotting high-value use cases within your own organization”


TD Ameritrade Beefs Up Personalization With AI

  • “Vijay Sankaran, chief information officer at TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., is betting that artificial intelligence-powered customer service and personalization will help it stand out from competitors.
  • The Omaha, Neb.-based brokerage firm, which has about 12 million client accounts, is using AI to drive customized experiences for investors. “We want to be more of a Netflix-style or Spotify-style personalization engine for digital investing,”
  • The eight-person team is now working on an AI engine called “voice of the customer analytics,” which builds on AI-based text and voice chatbots the company launched in 2017.
  • In 2021, AI augmentation is expected to generate $2.9 trillion in business value, up from $1.6 trillion this year, according to Gartner.”


TD Ameritrade CIO Vijay Sankaran


Naver and SoftBank to form joint venture

“Once the move is concluded, Z Holdings will effectively run Line, Yahoo Japan, Yahoo Shopping, ZOZO, and Japan Net Bank. The move will secure “Japan and Asia’s largest user base” and create synergy to compete against global platform businesses, the pair said.

Naver and SoftBank will apply artificial intelligence in the future to continue growth in financial technology through the integration, they said.

Chat app Line boasts 82 million users worldwide and Yahoo Japan 50 million.”


Wisdom for AI

I’ve reviewed our top performing posts over the previous 12 months, and they all revolve around the topics of: learning, training, education and wisdom.

With that in mind, here’s a quick summary of the most impactful content.

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“AI For Everyone”: Course Review & Key Takeaways

“Let’s recap what we have learnt in this course:

First week: AI technology, what is AI and what is machine learning? What’s supervised learning, that is learning inputs, outputs, or A to B mappings. As well as what is data science, and how data feeds into all of these technologies? What AI can and cannot do?

Second week: What it feels like to build an AI project? What is the workflow of machine learning projects, of collecting data, building a system and deploying it, as well as the workflow of data science projects? How to carry out technical diligence to make sure a project is feasible, together with business diligence to make sure that the project is valuable before you commit to taking on a specific AI project?

Third week: How such AI projects could fit in the context of our company? Examples of complex AI products, such as a smart speaker, a self-driving car. What are the roles and responsibilities of large AI teams? The AI transmission playbook, what are the five-steps for helping a company become a great AI company?

Last week: AI and Society. What are the limitations of AI beyond just technical ones? How AI is affecting developing economies and jobs worldwide?”