Future-Proofing Ecommerce Strategy with Human & Machine

“Maximizing AI starts with connecting all aspects of the business – from point-of-sale to digital to tech – in order to make the technology smarter. Integrated channels will allow brands to progress, rather than continuing to operate in silos with too much human interference and a lack of holistic tech solutions.”


Jason Roussos


Adlucent – https://www.adlucent.com

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Grow Deposits with AI

“The average new-account attrition rate after six to 12 months is 28%, he says, and can be as high as 35%. Further, 65% of acquired deposit customers turn out to be single-service households, on average. “All these things can be attacked with a good strategic plan supported by analytics and artificial intelligence,” Henkel states.”


33 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

“In today’s so-called smart era when everything is getting virtual, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce is a remarkable movement towards progress. By adopting the AI technology, e-commerce businesses are creating a boom in the market.

Artificial Intelligence is somewhat a challenge to the creative power of a human being. It aims to achieve something which at times becomes tedious for human employees. With the right coding, it learns faster and better than compared to humans.”


How S’well uses Curalate to drive sales with AI + user-generated content

  • “85% of users indicating that UGC is more trustworthy than branded content
  • ‘Revenue has increased,’ says Shah. ‘We’ve seen more engagement on the website as well. I look at the revenue as a key success metric and it’s very healthy for us.’
  • Curalate makes images ‘shoppable’ by enabling users to see exactly what product is featured in a given image and providing a link back to the product page on a retailer’s website.
  • Curalate’s technology uses a combination of AI learning which recognizes products in an image along with human review and curation.