3 female AI trailblazers reveal how they beat the odds and overcame sexism to become leaders in their field

Claudia Exeler, the 29-year-old using AI to help Facebook track down hacked accounts

Sandra Wachter, the Oxford and Turing Fellow researcher whose work has been picked up by Google

Doina Precup, the Romanian-born academic who was personally headhunted by the boss of DeepMind


From Analytics First to AI First at Capital One

“Capital One is now joining the slim ranks of organizations that might be described as “AI first.” It has built up two larger machine learning teams, in its Credit Cards line of business and at the enterprise level, as well as smaller teams in other lines of business. Today, the company is applying AI and machine learning to almost every facet of our business, whether customer-facing, such as enhancing fraud protection, or for internal processes, such as improving call center operations.”


Walmart announces executive shuffle to further integrate stores and digital

“Reporting to Whiteside will be Walmart’s services and digital acceleration team led by Daniel Eckert, the returns team led by Linne Fulcher, and the media group led by Stef Jay. Open roles under Whiteside include a chief experience and strategy officer, a chief product officer and leader for the customer care team.”


Digital transformation: How one bank is using AI, big data and chatbots to create new services

  • “He also points to the firm’s new personal finance app Mimo, which uses open-banking application programming interfaces, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to create a social feed that helps customers manager their money.
  • McNamara says NatWest is involved in a range of digital developments, including Mettle, its digital bank for small businesses.
  • Such is the potential for change that Gartner estimates as many as 80% of traditional banks will go out of business by 2030.”


Bill Gates: Biggest impact of AI may be decades away, but society needs to prepare now

  • “Last week, Amazon announced plans to spend $700 million over the next five years to “upskill” about 100,000 employees.
  • Still, Gates seemed skeptical of the initiative. ‘When Amazon said they were going to retrain 100,000 people, what did that mean? I wasn’t sure, but that was nice of them to say that,’ he said.”