IBM Unveils It’s Vision For The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

“Working to Improve Learning

What makes AI different from earlier technologies is its ability to learn.

“A big challenge now is being able to learn more from less,” Dr. John Smith, Manager of AI Tech at IBM Research, told me. “For example, in manufacturing there is often a great need for systems to do visual inspections of defects, some of which may have only one or two instances, but you still want the system to be able to learn from them and spot future instances.”

“We recently published our research on a new technique called few-shot or one-shot learning, which learns to generalize information from outliers”, he continued. “It’s still a new technique, but in our testing so far, the results have been quite encouraging.” Improving a system’s ability to learn is key to improving how it will perform.

Understanding Context

One of the most frustrating things about AI systems is their inability to understand context.”

Footasylum says it has witnessed a 28% increase in email revenue by using artificial intelligence from Peak.

  • “An AI trial also led to a 75% reduction in cost per social click according to the Manchester’s Peak.
  • “All retailers and enterprises will need to put AI at the heart of their business in the future. Our research shows that retailers using AI are growing 30 percent faster than those who aren’t and Footasylum is a great example of the positive impact the technology can can have,” added Richard Potter, CEO of Peak.
  • Footasylum says it has witnessed a 28% increase in email revenue by using artificial intelligence from Peak.”

Google Shopping Website Launched In India With AI-Powered Suggestions, Hindi Support

“The battle of ecommerce in India has taken a new turn, as World’s largest Internet company: Google has officially launched their shopping website in India.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, this new Shopping Website promises stunning deals and customized offer.

And, the best part? Hindi language is supported.”

“Initially, the shopping website shall be available across 4 formats:

• Web version of Google. Checkout this:

• Google Lens via Style Search

• Google App on mobile: A new tab of Shopping will be visible when you search for any product, say Nike shoes.

• For entry level smartphones, Google Shopping will be available via Progressive Web App (PWA)”

AI for Credit Scoring – An Overview of Startups and Innovation

Below is a short 2-minute video demonstrating how LenddoEFL’s software works:

“Several companies offer AI-based credit scoring applications to banks and enterprise creditors looking to better understand the risk associated with their potential borrowers. Traditional methods of credit scoring take into consideration the credit histories of potential borrows, but this might not allow certain people access to credit despite the fact that they could pay their loans back when their payments are due.

AI could allow banks and creditors to score potential borrowers on their creditworthiness using alternative data, specifically that from social media posts and Internet activity: what sites someone visits and what they purchase from eCommerce stores. Online behavior can indicate whether a person is likely to pay back their loans, and AI could allow banks and creditors to factor this into their assessments of their potential borrowers.”–-An-Overview-of/43147

Walmart Labs Acqui-Hires Int.Ai To Strengthen Its India Engineering Team

  • Walmart Labs, the local product development division of US retail giant Walmart has acqui-hired Delaware-based data analytics and machine learning startup Int.Ai, its second acqui-hire in India in three months, as it looks to strengthen its engineering team.
  • In September, Walmart Labs brought the entire team of engineers from Bengaluru-based Appsfly onboard, which built a system for micro apps to get hosted and streamed on any platform.
  • Globally, acqui-hiring has been used by large companies to get talent in a new domain it looks to test waters. In 2017, Google acquired Halli Labs, a four-month-old startup out of Bengaluru that was developing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Its founder Pankaj Gupta, now heads the internet giant’s Next Billion Users (NBU) team that looks at building technology in emerging markets.
  • In October, Airtel acqui-hired Authme ID services, an AI-based solution firm to bring in its founders Shardul Shirkant Lavekar and Parth Mudgal into its employment.

Holiday season is good time to put AI to work for e-commerce

  • “The US Census Bureau pegs Q2 e-commerce sales at $127.3 billion, an estimated 9.6 percent of all US retail sales in the second quarter of this year
  • On average, consumers spend $114.19 per online order
  • Even early last year, about 25 percent of queries on the Google mobile app and Android devices were by voice.
  • By 2020, more than 40 percent of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience (Gartner).
  • Shopping cart abandonment is an industry-wide scourge. It’s estimated that upwards of 70 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before customers complete their purchases.”

Artificial Intelligence ‘playing a role in 84% of households this Christmas’ –

Key findings:

  • Only 20% of people say they would trust AI to help them run their perfect Christmas Day
  • Yet 84% are already planning on using AI-powered technologies this holiday season
  • 70 per cent will use AI-powered ecommerce platforms to do their festive shopping
  • 67 per cent will use AI-powered music or video streaming services for their holiday entertainment
  • 30 per cent will use AI to help them get home for Christmas, from smart cars to AI-powered travel apps
  • 19 percent will use voice assistants, whether that’s to contact friends and family, search for Christmas trivia, or check the snow forecast

KanKan AI Retail System Delivers Strong Initial Results for CP Lotus Supermarket

“In the first week since its launch, the KanKan AI Retail system created over 13,725 virtual members for CP Lotus and converted almost 4,000 new registered members, representing a 29% conversion rate.  The system also connected 5,297 members with CP Lotus on social media, and KanKan’s product recommendation algorithm sent 2,544 personalized coupons with a very strong 71% conversion rate.”

AI For Mobile: New Solutions To Speed Up Performance – Forbes

“More than 5 billion people around the world have a mobile phone connection, according to a recent study by GSMA Intelligence. We can’t imagine our lives without mobile phones, which are gradually turning from convenient everyday tools into things like medical devices. It’s not surprising that many companies are developing AI tools for mobile devices.

But there’s a serious shortage of professionals in the AI industry with multi-field expertise. An engineer may be a great mobile software developer but lacks knowledge in machine learning—or conversely, an ML engineer or data scientist may not have experience with mobile software.”