HSBC launches AI-powered equity index family

“AiPEX harnesses the power of IBM Watson and EquBot’s AI to ingest and learn from the vast amounts of publicly available and continuously generated data points. These points could include company announcements, tweets, a satellite image of a store parking lot, or even the tone of language a CEO uses during an earnings presentation.”

What You Need To Know About BI In 2020

“Financial Services leads all others in the per capita adoption of BI apps and tools in 2020. Further evidence of how enterprises are relying on BI as the antidote for uncertainty is seen in how many BI apps and tools they have adopted. Financial Services dominates all other industries, with 39% having four or more tools in use today. Retail/Wholesale respondents are most likely (85%) to use up to three but not more than three BI tools. Awareness of the number of tools in use is lowest in Consumer Services and Higher Education.”

Mercator Advisory Group gives Kount the top scores for its Identity Trust Global Network, Advanced AI, and Chargeback Protection

“Kount, the leader in digital fraud protection and identity trust, today announced independent research firm Mercator Advisory Group has ranked Kount the best eCommerce Fraud Detection Solution in its vendor comparison, published this month. Mercator analysts assessed more than 40 fraud prevention providers and selected five that offer complete solutions for a detailed comparison across five attributes. Kount ranked highest overall with a 4.58 out of 5, as well as first in two categories.”

12 AI Based App Ideas For Startups That Will Make Money In 2020

“As per the latest stats, 2.8 million apps on Google play store and 2.2 million apps on Apple store, the trend of traditional and ordinary mobile apps seem to be fading away.

Here, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continue to open up new opportunities in the business world.

The Artificial Intelligence software market is expected to grow approximately by 154% year-on-year, reaching a forecast of $22.6 Billion.

4 views on the future of retail and the shopping experience

Natasha Mascarenhas says retailers will need to find new ways to sell aspirational products — and what was once cringe-worthy might now be considered innovative.

Devin Coldewey sees businesses adopting a slew of creative digital services to prepare for the future and empower them without Amazon’s platform.