Data Analytics Performance Gap Ruins CX in Banking

“Artificial intelligence and real-time data analytics provide enormous potential for financial marketers to improve customer intelligence, enhance back-office operations, and deliver improved customer experiences. Unfortunately, most banks and credit unions have not yet embarked on this critical journey.

  • In fact, the level of stated importance of using AI…were all either extremely or very important for more than 80% of the organizations we surveyed.
  • The skills needed for successful use of AI and machine learning are in high demand and short supply … especially in the banking industry.”

AI and Android App Development Make Enterprise Mobile App Smarter in 2019

“The search engine behemoth Google has transformed its strategy from ‘Mobile First’ into ‘AI First’, and released Google AI tools. Android app developers can utilize these tools to make high-end mobile applications for corporate clients. Here we go through a few major AI factors that can take the Android app development process to the next level. Let’s start with the most obvious feature.

Face Detection

Image Labeling

Landmark Detection

Text Recognition



Smart Reply”

55% of Americans approve the use of facial recognition for public safety, but the technology raises privacy concerns

  • “In the US, the government is planning to deploy face recognition at 20 airports by 2021.
  • In June 2018, the suspect in the shooting at a local newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, was identified using facial recognition technology. 55% of Americans indeed approve the use of facial recognition for public safety.
  • Last year, the police of New Delhi has been able to find 3,000 missing children in just four days thanks to a new facial recognition system.
  • In China, the police has been partnering with SenseNets, a company developing a facial recognition software, to bring charges against people involved in illegal gatherings in the province of Guangdong.
  • Last year, Amazon’s facial recognition systems falsely matched 28 members of Congress to criminal mugshots.”