Panera Tests Voice AI as QSRs Automate to Meet Drive-Thru Demand

“Fast-casual brand Panera Bread, which has more than 2,100 bakery-cafes in the United States and Canada, is testing artificial intelligence (AI) voice ordering technology at two of its upstate New York locations.

The brand announced Monday (Aug. 29) that it is trying out “Tori,” an automated drive-thru voice assistant created by tech company OpenCity, which takes orders and integrates the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) and kitchen display systems.”

How E-Commerce Trendsetter Sephora Is Giving Its Digital Business a Tech Makeover

  • “The switch to commercetools gives Sephora the ability to utilize cutting-edge MACH architecture technology principles, which are designed to make it easier for companies to add or replace tech components in the future and respond rapidly to changing demand.
  • MACH architecture stands for microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, headless. Sreedhararaj spelled out for CO— how each of those attributes are essential for Sephora’s digital future.”

Artificial Intelligence: Its Advantages in Digital Marketing

“By creating material and visuals that it anticipates will be well-received by its target, AI is becoming more and more capable of handling the entire content development process itself. In addition, personalization offers individual clients material uniquely tailored to them. It does this by using data and reference points that AI “understands” are important to them. Understandably, personalization is a big buzzword in this industry.”

Is Robot Delivery The Next Big Pizza Trend?

“In April, Domino’s unveiled its partnership with American robotics company Nuro to experiment with self-driving vehicle pizza delivery. They have launched test runs from its Woodland Heights location in Houston as part of a pilot program (per CNBC).

Piestro and Serve Robotics have collaborated on the latest robotic food service endeavor: to offer robot pizza delivery from automated pizzerias (via Restaurant Dive). Robot pizza delivery sounds like a good idea in theory following on the heels of a pandemic where contactless food service became the norm.”

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US commercial bank Truist acquires tech firm Zaloni’s Arena platform

  • “Truist will acquire the Zaloni Arena platform, which the firm hopes will accelerate its data governance, metadata management, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) programmes.
  • The Arena platform offers data for advanced analytics and AI/ML use cases using an “intelligent and collaborative” data catalogue, automated governance and “unified observability” that it claims reduces IT costs and accelerates time to insight.”