Salesforce launches marketing personalization and automation features

  • “Salesforce this week announced new Marketing Cloud features designed to help companies build deeper relationships with their customers.
  • Thirty-eight percent of brands risk losing customers because of poor marketing personalization efforts, according to a study by Gartner.
  • One of the new features, Einstein Engagement Scoring in Salesforce CDP, aims to boost engagement and conversion rates as well as satisfaction across customer experiences.
  • Also among the Marketing Cloud upgrades is Einstein Content Designer, an AI-powered feature that automatically creates marketing content and optimizes it for segments of customers.
  • Another feature announced this week, Digital Process Automation, offers drag-and-drop tools to simplify the building and deployment of branded, automated customer experiences.
  • A recent MuleSoft survey found that 77% of IT and business decision makers have already implemented or are in the process of implementing automation solutions to increase productivity.
  • As of July 2021, there’s been a 41% increase in the number of low-code automated workflows executed across Salesforce products, and Salesforce customers automate an average of 38.2 billion processes and complete 116 billion Einstein AI predictions each day.”

AI-powered ecommerce recommendation engine Constructor nabs $55M

  • “Online commerce conversions are well behind in-store — the average online shop sees less than 3% in conversions.
  • But even though $4.2 trillion was spent on ecommerce platforms in 2020 alone, few ecommerce retailers have invested in a digital merchandising strategy.
  • It’s estimated that $35.3 billion is lost every year by U.S. businesses in customer churn caused by avoidable customer experience issues, such as fair treatment and responsive service.
  • Constructor competing mostly with older installs built in-house as well as startups like, Syte, and Intellimize.”

NFL to Host Innovation Forum as League Looks to Revamp Future of the Game

“Natara Holloway, VP of football strategy and business development at the NFL, joined Cheddar to talk about the future of the game as well as the league’s ability to successfully navigate through the turbulent pandemic. “Fans, necessarily, won’t see it, but they will definitely feel it. And that’s what we like to say really comes through from an innovation perspective with the NFL,” she said. Holloway also discussed the NFL’s commitment to diversity from the sidelines to its front offices.”

Machine Driven Marketing: The Future of Ethical AI and Digital Banking

  • “When asked to select their preference between a digital banking app that understands their needs and shares relevant offers versus one that respects their privacy and does not push offers, nearly three quarters (73%) of consumers in an Alkami study gravitated toward the former.
  • Only 35% of consumers are satisfied with their online or mobile banking app’s track record in providing helpful offers. Less than 40% are satisfied with their financial institution’s understanding of their financial needs, situation or goals.”