Dable unveiled the personalized product recommendation solution ‘Karamel.ai’ at EEC 2019

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“Allan Ronny Dengah, Global Business Manager of Dable Indonesia, said “‘Karamel.ai’ is effective in increasing e-commerce sales and lowering users’ departure from the website by recommending products based on user’s interests on e-commerce websites in which users’ conversion is caused. In the case of a Korean duty-free shop, sales rose more than 7% after applying ‘Karamel.ai’. The CTR (Click Through Ratio) is more than five times higher than the ‘popular product recommendation’ on many e-commerce websites, and has reduced user departure.”



As MLB’s ‘robo-ump’ experiment unfolds, Atlantic League feeling the benefit – and downside – of an automated strike zone


“And TrackMan certainly has its quirks. For one, do not lie to TrackMan.

Blackstone found this out the hard way. Since he has not played affiliated ball, the 25-year-old shortstop had no previous data – such as height or batting stance – in the TrackMan system. Like many athletes of a certain height, Blackstone gifted himself an extra inch in submitting his player information, because who wouldn’t prefer a 6-foot shortstop over a 5-11 shortstop?”



DBS: Future of Banking Lies in Artificial Intelligence

“According to her, the problem many banks face is legacy infrastructure and data silos, which inhibits the use of data at scale. As such, DBS created its own data-as-a-service platform in-house from open-source solutions. «We wanted the platform to be truly self-service so that we can empower every single employee of DBS to be able to use data and AI.”


Soh Siew Choo – DBS Managing Director


Latin American banks daring to innovate with AI

“BNamericas: Where could artificial intelligence be used in the coming years?

Gimeno: The segment that leads innovation within the banking sector is payments, and their integration with APIs and the adoption of open banking. The value chain will be automated, and banks can interact in real time within digital commerce. The aggregation that open banking brings will generate new digital financial services, or rather, the same banking services as always but digitized and in real time, such as factoring, applying AI to be able to anticipate cash flows and offer financial services within the digital value chain.”