AI in Banking: Can Banks Meet the Challenge?

“AI has made inroads in the financial sector and is completely reshaping banks’ approach. AI is altering and remoulding the way traditional banks work. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated AI adoption within the banking sector. AI is now a natural fit for banks, and it can drive down costs and improve customer experience.”

6 steps to build a data-driven company, according to experts

  • “There are handsome rewards for companies that insert big data and analytics into their operations. According to PWC, these organizations enjoy 5% more productivity and 6% more profitability than those that don’t.
  • To understand how data can transform your business, check out, ‘The Evolution of Data in the Cloud: The Lynchpin of Competitive Advantage’, research sponsored by Snowflake.”

How To Succeed With Enterprise AI: Buy Vs. Build

Buy vs. Build

“Today (according to the TalentSeer 2020 AI Talent Report), if you want to hire AI engineers, you must be willing to pay north of $350K in total compensation to win against Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many growing start-ups.

Examples of other solutions that can provide AI PaaS solutions include:

●     TensorFlow – open-source, 

●     Petuum – ease-of-use, 

●     NeuralDesigner – neural networks, and

DataRobot – visual interface.”

Young people have a popular pandemic pastime: Filling, then abandoning, e-commerce shopping carts

Dinendra Haria | SOPA Images | LightRocket | Getty Images

“Last June, Jordan Elkind, who, at the time, served as the VP of retail insights for customer data and identity platform Amperity, told Today that data from the onset of the pandemic showed a 94.4% cart abandonment rate, compared to 85.1% in the comparable period last year. That would equate to billions of dollars in forgone e-commerce revenue, he said.”

Haptik Announces Launch of Buzzo: Voice Assistant for eCommerce

– “In the post pandemic era, according to Forrester Research, e-commerce sales have grown by 20% in the US and digital is now the default way of shopping for most millennials.

– One of the world’s largest conversational AI companies announces new product to serve e-commerce brands globally

– Buzzo is a multilingual voice assistant enabling better search, discovery and purchase for e-commerce websites and apps

– First implementation is for JioMart – one of India’s largest grocery platforms with more than 3 million orders a month”