Tomorrow’s autonomous bank account: AI & the evolution of banking

“The bank account of the future is upon us. In fact, many could argue, it is already here. We have already started to see the introduction of artificial intelligence into our banking systems. Micro-investment platform Raiz, where users can invest their spare change, is a great example of using data analysis to provide useful insights to customers about their finances.”

Nvidia introduces set of new products to tackle growing AI demands

  • “Nvidia Drive Atlan, which will deliver more than 1,000 trillion operations per second, and targets automakers’ 2025 models.
  • Nvidia “Grace” CPU is designed to address the computing requirements for the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence applications – including natural language processing, recommender systems, and AI supercomputing
  • Nvidia Jarvis will enable a new wave of language-based applications, improving interactions with humans and machines”

A Kellogg marketing professor explains how to use AI and analytics to grow your business

  • “The first step to success, he said, falls to leaders, who must develop a working knowledge of data science.
  • ‘You would never be caught dead saying I don’t know anything about finance, but I’ve got this really smart CFO that knows everything about finance,’ said Anderson. The same should also be true of data science. ‘You can’t make the right investment decisions until you know a little more about the science.’
  • if you go back and ask yourself, ‘Do we have a well-established process for doing AI and analytics in the company?,’ the answer most places is no,” said Anderson.”

Eric Anderson

Professor – Northwestern

Kellogg School of Management

AI (Artificial Intelligence): Build It Or Buy It?

  • “Experience: If your organization has little real-world experience with AI, then you might want to first look at off-the-shelf products. For example, a chatbot could be a good place to start, such as with basic customer support services.
  • ‘It’s important to know that generic AI platforms require a massive data integration effort and an army of data scientists to implement it,’ said Bill Scudder, who is the Vice President and General Manager of AIoT Solutions at AspenTech.”

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Become One Of World’s Largest AI Companies, Hints Google Is Far Ahead

  • “Responding on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk said he believes Tesla will become one of the largest AI companies in the world. This is in relation to Tesla’s autonomous vehicle approach. Musk said “…it turns out that the only way to solve self-driving is to solve a big part of real-world AI,” when responding about Tesla’s self-driving work.
  • It seems Musk believes Google is also advancing in AI. While not naming them directly, he said, “A company whose name rhymes with Shmoogle is pretty far ahead,” in reference to artificial intelligence. Google has created such software as DeepMind and AlphaGo, impressive demonstrations of AI in real-world and theoretical situations.”