Consortium of Tech Firms Sets AI Benchmarks

  • “Andrew Ng, founder of Landing AI, speaking at a conference in Las Vegas in June. Landing AI is part of MLPerf, the consortium behind the new standards. PHOTO: MARK RALSTON/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES
  • David Schubmehl, research director for AI systems at IDC, said benchmarks can help companies better address the complexities around AI adoption, allowing them to make apples-to-apples comparisons on the many AI software and hardware tools available.”

Use of Artificial Intelligence to detect fraud set to triple by 2021: Survey

  • “While only 13 percent of organizations use AI and ML to detect and deter fraud, another 25 percent plan to adopt such technologies in the next year or two
  • Similarly, about half of organizations anticipate employing predictive analytics/modeling (52 percent and up from 30 percent as of today) and data visualization (47 percent from current 35 percent).”

What it really takes to scale artificial intelligence

  • “To scale up AI, companies must make three shifts. First, they must transition from siloed work to interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Second, they must switch from experience-based, leader-driven decision making to data-driven decision making,
  • Finally, they must move from rigid and risk averse to agile, experimental, and adaptable,
  • To ensure the adoption of AI, companies need to educate everyone, from the top leaders down. To this end, some companies are launching internal “analytics academies,” which provide leaders a foundational understanding of AI”


  • “Artificial intelligence is a growing driver of Canada’s economy. In 2018, $548 million in venture capital was invested in Canadian AI companies, an increase of approximately 50% from 2017.
  • Canadian job opportunities in the field of AI grew by nearly 500% between June 2015 and June 2017, and this number will only continue to rise.
  • AI is not just the future of technology, it is the future solution for humanitarian, health and sustainability issuesl