Deloitte Challenges Retailers To Look At Their Businesses Using New Retail Metrics

“Deloitte has done more than just talk about it. The firm has proposed a new retail metrics model in a report entitled “The Future of Retail Metrics: Measuring Success in a Shifting Marketplace.”

  1. Retail-profit-per-transaction
  2. Sales-per-unique-customer
  3. Enterprise value measures revenue growth, return on invested capital (ROIC) and free-case flow (FCF)”

Enough With The ‘AI-First’ Hype!

“Calls for banks to be mobile-first, mobile-only, voice-first, AI-first–or any ‘technology-first’—are misguided. They represent a channel-, technology-, or device-centric view that is at the root of banks’ strategic problems. [Fill-in-the-blank]-first thinking is misguided because:

  1. Convenience drives consumers’ choices of channels and devices.
  1. Bank customers aren’t AI-first.
  1. It’s the process—not the device—that matters.
  2. The product still matters.”

Image Credit: 5G and AI technology, Global communication network concept. GETTY

Ron Shevlin

We have to lead AI debate, says Big 6 bank

  • “When it comes to banking, they put forward three specific areas of sensitivity.
    1. The first was explainability – how leaders should approach the limitations of technology as it relates to explaining how AI arrives at conclusions.
      The second was the threat of bias and re-examining the concepts of transparency, fairness and accountability in an AI-first world
      The final concern focusing on diversity, from AI adoption to the executive leadership to the teams building AI models to the data used to inform decisions.

    “In the banking sector, I think we’re going to go through the same shift, where it’s important for banks to recognize the power of AI. They need to take the responsibility of careful deployment of AI seriously and to lead the conversation.”

    Wix Review – Is Wix Good for Small Businesses and Ecommerce?

    “What’s more, Wix also offers a class-leading AI website development tool called ‘Wix ADI.’ When you come to create you site, Wix will ask you a few simple questions, then give you an almost-finished website in a matter of minutes. This can save sole traders valuable hours when it comes to getting online – time is money, remember.”