AI-based loan apps are booming in India, but some borrowers miss out

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  • “Hundreds of mobile lending apps have mushroomed in India as smartphone use surged and the government encouraged digitization in banking, with financial technology (fintech) firms rushing to fill the gap in access to loans.
  • Globally, about 1.7 billion people do not have a bank account
  • Authorities have backed the use of AI for creating credit scores for so-called new to credit consumers, who account for about 60% of motorbike loans and more than a third of mortgages.”

Apple’s free upgrades are Inviting you into the Metaverse: iOS15 – macOS Monterey & iPadOS15

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  • “The acceleration in AI application, machine learning, and converging use cases for all communications tech has created a situation where the entry-portal to the emerging metaverse is already here.
  • iOS15, previewed this week at the WWDC2021 is rolling out literally dozens of new features, many based on machine learning, neural networks and AI that propose a new level of highly sophisticated options to communicate with video, photos and text.”

Apple’s free upgrades are Inviting you into the Metaverse: iOS15 – macOS Monterey & iPadOS15

The Machine Learning Process in 7 Steps

“In chronological order, here are the main steps. Sometimes it is necessary to recognize errors in the process and move back and start again at an earlier step. This is by no mean a linear process, but more like trial and error experimentation.

  1. Defining the proble
  2. Defining goals
  3. Collecting the data.
  4. Exploratory data analysis.
  5. The true machine learning / modeling step.
  6. Creation of end-user platform.
  7. Maintenance.”

Industrial AI pioneer partners with analytics upstart Snowflake

“, the twelve-year-old Silicon Valley startup that is bringing machine learning forms of AI to various industries such as oil and gas, on Wednesday said it is partnering with data analytics upstart Snowflake, the cloud-based vendor of data warehouses and other wares.”

Apple says its new logon tech is as easy as passwords but far more secure

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“To set up an account on a website or app using a passkey, you first choose a username for the new account, then use FaceID or Touch ID to confirm that it’s really you who’s using the device. You don’t ever pick a password. Your device handles generation and storage of the passkey, which iCloud Keychain synchronizes across all your Apple devices.”