How the insurance industry can leverage AI to enhance efficiencies

“The next stage in robo-advisor evolution is to offer better intelligence on customer needs and goal-based planning for both protection and financial products. Recommender systems and “someone like you” statistical matching will become increasingly available to customers and advisors.”

Aisera, an AI tool to help with customer service and internal operations, exits stealth with $50M – TechCrunch

“‘There are billions of people in call centres today,’ he said in an interview. ‘If I can automate [repetitive] functions they can focus on higher-level work, and that’s what we wanted to do. Those trying to solve simple requests shouldn’t. It’s one example where AI can be put to good use. Help desk employees want to work and become programmers, they don’t want to do mundane tasks. They want to move up in their careers, and this can help give them the roadmap to do it.’”

SoftBank Earmarks $1B For eCommerce, Healthcare And FinTech In LatAm

“SoftBank has put money into the delivery startup Rappi in Colombia; Gympass, a Brazilian fitness company; and the FinTech Uala, based in Argentina. Softbank’s move into Latin America is also looking at artificial intelligence (AI) startups that apply the technology to food-related businesses, particularly plant-based food.”

Banking for Humanity: Technology to Increase the Human Touch –

  • “According to Skinner, there are five primary aspects for discovering Banking for Humanity: financial literacy, financial inclusion, financial wellness, financial capabilities for the vulnerable, and promoting sustainability.
  • If carefully implemented, artificial intelligence can play a vital role in humanising banking services.
  • AI technology and machine learning can be used to facilitate customer care, making it easier to carry out predictions with the use of banking technology by reacting to customer data, which aids banks in learning to understand trends within the market.”

Socratic is Google’s new AI studying tool for students – 9to5Google

  • “Searching on is one way to find answers, but the company now offers a more dedicated lookup experience catered towards learning. Last year, Google acquired mobile learning app Socratic and is today relaunching it with “Google AI.”
  • Google AI is being leveraged with dedicated algorithms that break down Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature problems, with Socratic also having the ability to simplify concepts into smaller, easier-to-understand lessons.”