6 Ways Digital Is Transforming the Customer Journey In Banking

  • “According to McKinsey, the industry ‘vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption,’ in just eight weeks. Accenture notes that the adoption of mobile banking increased among first-time users in 2020.
  • The unprecedented need for contactless payments has led to the rise in e-wallets or digital wallets. PYMNTS research reported a 59% increase in Apple Pay across the U.S. Leading the change in India is the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) systems providing seamless mobile wallets and digital payment apps.”


The future of eCommerce? London AI retail firms join forces

  • “‘Retail has experienced 10 years of e-commerce growth in the span of a year. It is the key channel for success,’ said Geoff Watts, CEO and co-founder of EDITED.
  • For over a decade, EDITED has helped over 200+ leading retailers and brands, tracking over 2.5+ billion SKUs – stock-keeping units – every day; while DynamicAction has 150+ enterprise and cloud system data connectors.”

The future of eCommerce? London AI retail firms join forces

PSYKHE Uses Personality Traits And AI To Build A Better Recommendation Engine

Psykhe Founder and CEO, Anabel Maldonado
  • “According to Common Thread Collective’s 2021 Fashion Industry Report, fashion eCommerce grew 26.5% in 2020, with apparel gaining the lion share of that growth at 29.6%.
  • Online fashion’s expected 7.18% compounded annual growth rate will put the industry north of $1.0 trillion by 2025.”


How artificial intelligence can radically transform your business

  • ” ‘Over 40 per cent of businesses believe that the model they’re using today will cease to exist in five years,’ says Clare Barclay, chief operating officer of Microsoft UK.
  • Data from Microsoft’s Maximising the AI Opportunity report shows that early adopters of enterprise AI have already seen a five per cent improvement in productivity, performance and business outcomes compared to those that have yet to explore this exciting new field.”


New schools seek to bring AI, programming literacy to fill the talent gap

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  • “The AI talent shortage isn’t merely a matter of AI engineers, either. Software developers were the workers in highest demand in 2020, according to LinkedIn data, and Microsoft estimates that the next five years will see the creation of around 149 million new technology-oriented jobs with most roles in software development.
  • In fact, as far back as 2017, Gartner predicted app development demand would outstrip IT’s capacity to deliver it through 2021, as highlighted by Daniel Kroening in The Wall Street Journal.
  • More than 40 computer science academics left for high-paying private-sector jobs in 2018 compared to 15 in 2012 and none in 2004
  • CS does not even count toward high school graduation in 35 out of 50 U.S. states, though 58% of all new STEM jobs are in computing.”