At AT&T, AI is becoming part of “core fabric,” says chief data officer

  • “One year ago, AT&T, the world’s largest telecom company by revenue, announced a collaboration with AI cloud company H2O to jointly launch an artificial intelligence (AI) feature store for enterprises.
  • Over the past two years, the company has been modernizing to a cloud-native elastic technology. This last year included an evaluation of the state of AI across AT&T, he added, which found that AI efforts have delivered billions of dollars of value on an annual basis to the company – everything from revenue enhancement to cost savings and efficiency processing.
  • ‘We have a standard code-driven process for creating AI, built for the data science community,’ he said. ‘Now we’re working to make that low-code, no-code, so that we can really democratize the ability to create AI not just to the data science community but other subject matter experts across the company.’”

Everyday AI could become as ubiquitous and necessary as electricity

  • “Gartner has forecast that it will take until 2025 for half of organizations worldwide to reach what Gartner’s AI maturity model describes as the “stabilization stage” of AI maturity or beyond.
  • In many respects, AI is like electricity was in the 19th century: nascent, promising but untested, potentially dangerous without safety precautions, and with huge implications for the way it could potentially transform society.”

Microsoft Focuses On Productivity And Workflows With AI Automation And Collaborative Tools At Ignite 2022

“It runs on OpenAI Codex, which translates natural language into code. I believe we are seeing significant real word progress with AI and its ability to create productive content, in this case, automate workflows with data given to it. This powerful tool allows people with little to no programming experience to create flows. I imagine this integration of OpenAI Codex would be useful with Microsoft’s Process Advisor, where Process Advisor tells you what would be efficient to automate. Then Power Automate automates it for you. I believe the goal would be to support all Microsoft 365 and third-party apps for creating a flow and, eventually, creating full business applications simply by describing the app.”

Wells Fargo partners Google Cloud for AI virtual assistant, Fargo

  • “Wells Fargo is set to rollout a new virtual assistant, named Fargo, which will leverage Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to offer a personalised banking experience for customers.
  • Citing research conducted this summer by Ipsos on behalf of Wells Fargo, the bank says nearly two thirds (65%) of millennials and Gen Z respondents prefer to use a virtual assistant for customer service needs rather than waiting for a customer service representative on the phone.”

Is Your Company Seizing Its Digital Value?

“In the digital era, how firms create and capture value has changed profoundly. But with digital transformation, many firms are leaving substantial value on the table, getting caught up in “doing” digital transformation rather than staying focused on how they will create and capture value with digital. To do this, first companies need to understand the three different types of digital value: value from customers (cross-selling, increased loyalty, great customer experience); value from operations (increased efficiency, modularity and reuse of components, automating processes); and value from ecosystems (leveraging partners for both access to more customers and range of products and services). With these types of value in mind, firms can then take action to create digital value by: identifying domain opportunities; building mutually-reinforcing capabilities; tracking digital value with a dashboard; recruiting digital partners; and investing in digital savviness of everyone at the firm. Companies that do this will become truly ‘future ready.’”