ai eCommerce News: eBay launches AI-powered visual search tools

“eBay is rolling out a new visual search feature that lets shoppers use a photograph to find products for sale on the site. The Image Search feature uses computer vision and deep learning to compare images that a shopper uploads to the eBay app to the images of live listings on eBay. The system then ranks the results based on visual similarity and displays them for the shopper.”

Infographic: The Current State of Machine Intelligence 3.0

This is an infographic developed by titled The Current State of Machine Intelligence 3.0. Also, be sure to read the associated post. Here are just a couple of my favorite quotes:
  • “We’ve had a few people tell us that the biggest predictor of whether a company will successfully adopt machine intelligence is whether they have a C-Suite executive with an advanced math degree. These executives understand it isn’t magic—it is just (hard) math.”

  • “Then, if you do understand how this technology can supercharge your organization, you realize it’s so valuable that you want to hoard it. Businesses are saying to machine intelligence companies, ‘forget you selling this technology to others, I’m going to buy the whole thing.'”

ai eCommerce News – July 23

“Identifying relationships between consumer behavioral attributes and product attributes to that minute level allows us to give our customers a huge and immediate impact. One of our customers saw a $125 million increase in annual revenues. Another saw a 30% increase in revenues in the first month after implementing our product.”
“ ‘As AI accelerates up the Hype Cycle, many software providers are looking to stake their claim in the biggest gold rush in recent years,’ said Jim Hare, research VP at Gartner. ‘AI offers exciting possibilities, but unfortunately, most vendors are focused on the goal of simply building and marketing an AI-based product rather than first identifying needs, potential uses and the business value to customers,’ said Hare.
To successfully exploit the AI opportunity, technology providers need to understand how to respond to three key issues.”

“There are many other chatbots that stand out from the rest. FedEx’s new Alexa app lets users track packages without having to type anything. Mitsuku, on the other hand, is the current winner of the Loebner Prize. It is hailed as the most humanlike AI bot since it passed the Turing test with flying colors. We should also mention RightClick, an innovative chatbot that creates websites based on general questions such as ‘What industry you belong to.’”

ai eCommerce News – July 11

According to the Emarsys study, another clear majority of retail and e-commerce firms polled — three out of five — said they plan to implement AI marketing technologies within the next year, and 78 percent said they plan to spend at least five percent more on AI marketing technologies within that time frame compared to years past.
However, relatively few retail organizations (11 percent) fall under the category of AI “experts,” according to the study, strategically and organizationally prepared to leverage the technology. A majority — 63 percent — said it will take more than three years to fully leverage AI marketing.
Last quarter, Walmart’s ecommerce revenue rose 63 percent year over year, as the company’s online operations, coupled with the purchase of Amazon-rival last summer, propelled its digital sales. aims at becoming retailer’s operating system for user acquisition, retention & monetization. At its core, the platform gathers & mines billions of data points to build product catalog intelligence, user personas and dynamics of retail economics. This system intelligence is combined with technology automation on OnlineSales platform that now hosts connected apps across marketing, user experience and data technologies – all on a single platform.

In a blog post, KITT.AI said that over the past two years it has developed three products: Snowboy, NLU and chatbot engine ChatFlow. As of July, it has powered more than 12,000 developers on the Snowboy platform, who in turn created the biggest hotword library in the world with 9,000 unique hotwords in 15 major languages and has turned ChatFlow into a enterprise level software and has been looking at ways to monetize its chatbot platform.