ai eCommerce News – July 23

“Identifying relationships between consumer behavioral attributes and product attributes to that minute level allows us to give our customers a huge and immediate impact. One of our customers saw a $125 million increase in annual revenues. Another saw a 30% increase in revenues in the first month after implementing our product.”
“ ‘As AI accelerates up the Hype Cycle, many software providers are looking to stake their claim in the biggest gold rush in recent years,’ said Jim Hare, research VP at Gartner. ‘AI offers exciting possibilities, but unfortunately, most vendors are focused on the goal of simply building and marketing an AI-based product rather than first identifying needs, potential uses and the business value to customers,’ said Hare.
To successfully exploit the AI opportunity, technology providers need to understand how to respond to three key issues.”

“There are many other chatbots that stand out from the rest. FedEx’s new Alexa app lets users track packages without having to type anything. Mitsuku, on the other hand, is the current winner of the Loebner Prize. It is hailed as the most humanlike AI bot since it passed the Turing test with flying colors. We should also mention RightClick, an innovative chatbot that creates websites based on general questions such as ‘What industry you belong to.’”

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