Einstein by Salesforce powers 6.5 billion predictions…daily

  • “Salesforce continues to lean heavily on Einstein, its proprietary predictive analytics and AI platform, which now powers 6.5 billion predictions daily. (That’s up from 4 billion predictions in May and over 1 billion predictions in February.)
  • Salesforce this morning announced Commerce Page Designer, a new low-code feature in Commerce Cloud that allows companies to create and manage ecommerce sites visually.”


SPALDING® Doubles its Digital Commerce Revenue with Salesforce

“Spalding needed a platform that was built not only mobile-first, but AI-first. To support its global scale and customer base, Spalding turned to Salesforce to roll out a robust ecommerce platform and customer loyalty program.

As a result, Spalding experienced massive results during the 2018 holiday season—

  • 96 percent increase in revenue per user
  • 30 percent increase in average order quantity
  • 51 percent increase in mobile site traffic.
  • Even more, the results have continued with a 270 percent increase in ecommerce revenue year-over-year, 66 percent increase in average order value,
  • While customers benefit from an even faster shopping experience 100 percent site up time through product listing pages, site search, navigation and more.”


Digital Banking – Austin TX

This week Austin, TX will be the site of the Digital Banking conference hosted by the American Bankers Association (ABA)

Be sure to check the AI focused sessions with speakers including:

Chuck Monroe – Head of AI Enterprise Solutions, Wells Fargo

Vijay Nadadur – Co-Founder & CEO, Stride.AI

Frederick Townes – Co-Founder and CTO, NestReady

Rob Guilfoyle – Chief Executive Officer, Abe.ai

Phong Q. Rock – SVP, Feedzai

Steve Le Roux – Founder & CEO, Envel

Craig Bond – Chairman, Envel


4 Trends That Will Rewire the Inner Workings of the Fintech Industry

“These four impending trends won’t just rewire the inner workings of the fintech industry, they’ll create space for further innovation on the part of agile startup entrepreneurs.  

1. Quantum computing – Even JP Morgan and Barclays have been dabbling with IBM’s quantum computing tools, according to Wired, looking to the future for practical applications.

2. Artificial intelligence – the major exchange infrastructure on Wall Street is already almost entirely managed by automated machines.

3. Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance – Tether remains the dominant stablecoin in the cryptocurrency realm, but stiff competition is emerging with projects such as Stably.

4. Big tech – According to The New York Times, Facebook is developing a stablecoin for its platform. Add in the fact that major social media platforms are planning on integrating with ecommerce stores, such as the certain-markets-only Shopping on Instagram feature”


Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency, Libra, Gets Big Backers

  • Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber are among firms that will invest around $10 million each in consortium that will govern digital coin
  • Still, the lure of Facebook’s nearly 2.4 billion monthly active users was too strong for many companies to pass up.


Disclosure: I’m a former employee of Facebook and currently a shareholder of FB shares.

Artificial intelligence that learns to write code

  • “Program synthesis, or teaching computers to code, has long been a goal of AI researchers.
  • Trained on tens of thousands of program examples, SketchAdapt learns how to compose short, high-level programs, while letting a second set of algorithms find the right sub-programs to fill in the details.
  • SketchAdapt is a collaboration between Solar-Lezama and Josh Tenenbaum, a professor at CSAIL and MIT’s Center for Brains, Minds and Machines.