Amazon’s future vision of AI, warehouse bots and Alexa

  • “‘[AI] is sprinkled everywhere,’ Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said after attending re:MARS. ‘It’s an integral part of every service they offer, every product they make and every business they run.’
  • We’re not particularly worried about job displacement … We’re growing, we need to hire more people.”

Three Ways AI will Drive Growth at Retail Banks

“In the retail banking tech circles, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics for discussions. Barely a conversation with a CTO, CIO, or CMO occurs these days without mentioning the potential benefits of AI in the banking industry. And for good reason. The benefits AI can produce is staggering. 

1.    Accelerate customer acquisition rate

2. Leverage AI-powered selling for added revenue generation 

3. Drive the share of wallet with increased customer activities”

Hiring data indicates that Bank of America is replacing branch staff with artificial intelligence

“The company is looking for less than half as many people to fill its 4,600 retail banking outlets. Meanwhile, the number of job openings that contain recent developments in fintech — automation, AI, machine learning, and natural language processing — doubled since the new year.”