Infographic: Current State of Artificial Intelligence

“The basic premise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) was originally that human intelligence is predictable enough that it can be simulated with computers. As such, A.I. is a broad field involving many areas of research. This includes computer vision, language recognition, decision-making.
In more recent years, A.I. has also acquired other challenges including machine learning/ deep learning, as well as robotics as a whole. In fact, if you were to ask the average person what they thought of when someone mentions “artificial intelligence,” it’s likely they would say “robots” — thanks to pop culture: TV shows, movies, comics, books and toys.”

Artificial Intelligence

AI eCommerce – IKEA Survey and NLP for Search

“At publishing time, 85 percent of respondents preferred that AI be able to detect and react to human emotions; 75 percent preferred a humanlike AI as opposed to one that was robotic, and 44 percent preferred a gender neutral interface, rather than one that was deliberately styled male or female.” Read full article

“New forms of NLP focus on ‘product awareness’ — identifying the primary product being sought and intelligently discarding (or de-prioritizing) search results that may contain the words ‘white’ or ‘flared,’ but may not be a dress — white flared pants, for example. NLP understands that “dress” is the primary item being searched for, and if something is not a dress, that is a deal-breaker — no matter how many matching qualifiers there may be.” Read full article

AI eCommerce & Video on WebProNews

I found an interesting article on titled “How Facebook AI Chatbots Benefit E-CommerceBusinesses.”
David Marcus, Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, revealed that there are now 11,000 chatbots on Facebook reaching almost a billion users. Facebook M, the company’s text-based virtual assistant feature, has been modified to make the AI better.
‘M will make automated suggestions based on chat intent,’ he wrote last month. ‘These suggestions will help you get more from your Messenger experience by shortening the distance between what you need to do and getting it done.’”
Also, be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the post or via this link titled, “Shopify x Facebook Messenger: How we shop will never be thesame.” It’s well done and illustrates a number of potential use-cases for chatbots to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

AI Vendor Research: Cognitive Scale

Vendor: Cognitive Scale
Headquarters: Austin, TX
Key Products:
Engage – ENGAGE is a secure cloud-based service that uses machine learning, NLP, and advanced analytics to provide advice and insights to shoppers, associates, and buyers.
Impact at 3 levels
  • Transform shopper experience
  • Empower omni-channel associates
  • Enlighten merchants & marketers

Articles about Cognitive Scale:
14% Increased conversion
380% Increased engagement
15% Increase $/session
With Watson, IBM Bluemix, Deloitte, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, Amazon Web Services
Clients: Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Macys, Nestle, P&G
Leadership (C-Suite):
Manoj Saxena – Chairman – LinkedIn Profile
Matt Sanchez – Founder & CTO – LinkedIn Profile
Akshay Sabhikhi – CEO – LinkedIn Profile
Nij Chawla – Chief Product Officer – LinkedIn Profile
10-10-10 method to build your first cognitive app in 10 hours; customize it using your own data in 10 days; go live within 10 weeks.

Top AI eCommerce on eMarketer

Author: Rimma Kats

“The largest share of retail marketers using AI—over a third—said they use it in search efforts. Nearly as many said they do so in recommendation engines for their products or content.” Read full post

Author: Jeremy Kressmann

“According to a March 2017 survey of internet users worldwide conducted by Qualtricsfor Rocket Fuel, 50% or more of respondents from the Gen X, millennial and Gen Z age segments said they value AI for recommending various products and services.” Read full post