AI Vendor Research: Cognitive Scale

Vendor: Cognitive Scale
Headquarters: Austin, TX
Key Products:
Engage – ENGAGE is a secure cloud-based service that uses machine learning, NLP, and advanced analytics to provide advice and insights to shoppers, associates, and buyers.
Impact at 3 levels
  • Transform shopper experience
  • Empower omni-channel associates
  • Enlighten merchants & marketers

Articles about Cognitive Scale:
14% Increased conversion
380% Increased engagement
15% Increase $/session
With Watson, IBM Bluemix, Deloitte, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, Amazon Web Services
Clients: Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Macys, Nestle, P&G
Leadership (C-Suite):
Manoj Saxena – Chairman – LinkedIn Profile
Matt Sanchez – Founder & CTO – LinkedIn Profile
Akshay Sabhikhi – CEO – LinkedIn Profile
Nij Chawla – Chief Product Officer – LinkedIn Profile
10-10-10 method to build your first cognitive app in 10 hours; customize it using your own data in 10 days; go live within 10 weeks.

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