Callaway turned to AI and a supercomputer to fix your bad golf game

  • “Currently, Callaway offers three different flavors of its AI-designed Mavrik clubs, including the standard version for average players, the Sub-Zero version for high-level and pro-grade players, and the Max edition, which places the emphasis on forgiving mishits over pure ball control and feel.”

How artificial intelligence gives ecommerce a boost

  • “Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only a tool to help improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction, it can also facilitate payment management and detect potential fraud.
  • The data also reveals that during the first three months of the pandemic, 4 percent of these consumers were new to online shopping in general and 8.3 percent used online shopping for the first time to buy food products.”

How eBay Delivered Optimized Content with AI | Sponsored Content

  • “In 2016, along came a fledgling software company called Phrasee–the pioneer of AI-powered copywriting. Phrasee’s computational linguists constructed eBay’s bespoke language models which, in just five minutes, produced human-sounding copy at scale that was tailored to eBay’s plans, promotions and brand voice.
  • In the US, eBay has enjoyed a 15.8% average open rate uplift and a 31.2% average click rate uplift, providing a consistent ROI on all campaigns.”

Facebook Will Look to Support New eCommerce Functionalities via Its Accelerator Program

“This comes as Facebook works towards a full launch of Facebook and Instagram Shops, which will make it easier for retailers to sell products direct on two of the most used social apps in the world. Facebook is still ironing out the details, but Facebook Shops could be a transformative move for the platform, and for digital commerce more broadly.”

Here’s how to build an AI strategy that successfully connects with customers, according to technology executives and an AI engineer

  • “While voice assistants and autonomous technology can dominate conversations around AI, decision-making powered by machine intelligence is the vast middle ground that is realistic for the majority of companies.
  • The report cited research showing only 15% of small businesses had implemented AI-powered chatbots while mid-sized companies showed 39% adoption rates, and large companies came in at 67%.”

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