How Regions Bank Uses AI to Up Its CX Game (And Boost Revenue)

“One of the two platforms, nicknamed “Rosie,” achieved an internal rate of return (IRR) of nearly 50% for the first phase of its implementation, according to Elrod. This compares with an IRR for most tech projects at the bank of between 12-15%.

The second AI platform, built around IBM’s Watson software (and nicknamed “Reggie,” internally), paid for itself in the first year by a nearly half-minute decrease in hold times at the bank’s contact center, according to Chris Brasher, Regions’ Head of Bank Operations, speaking at an IBM event.”

How Retailers Like Tencent Are Optimizing Shopper Analytics With Behavioral Heat Mapping

“Innovative retailers have used in-store heatmapping, CCTV, floor sensors and more in order to determine shopper patterns, inform resource planning and ultimately improve the store experience:

Tencent YouTu Lab x Intel

YouBox is an intelligent analytics framework that retailers can apply to legacy cameras. DeepGaze provides retailers with information about how shoppers move around the store and hotspots they visit.

JD.ID X-Mart

Chinese ecommerce company JD opened a cashierless store in Jakarta, Indonesia, that uses sophisticated technology to study shopper movements.

The Drug Store

Iris Nova, the parent company of direct-to-consumer beverage brand Dirty Lemon, has opened two cashier-less stores in New York City, which use heat map trackers to monitor shopper foot traffic as well as RFID-enabled refrigerators that track inventory sold and QR codes that prompt shoppers to pay via text message.”

Artificial Intelligence Takes Over Restaurant Reservations

  • “Today, Allset is available in 11 areas including San Francisco, the SF Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston and Las Vegas. In the coming weeks, Allset plans to launch in Miami and expand to other cities in the future.
  • ‘We use AI and machine learning. For example, we analyze peak hours and capacity at restaurants to decide if we should send more or fewer orders. Also, AI helps us identify profiles of potential free credit abusers and block them automatically.'”


  • “Apple listed John Giannandrea on the site as its first Chief of Machine Learning and AI Strategy. He’s in charge of AI and machine learning, a potent type of AI software, across the whole company.
  • Prior to Apple, Giannandrea was a top AI executive at Alphabet’s Google. He joins Apple after several years of complaints about the reliability of the Siri voice service, which has become an increasingly important product for Apple given rival offerings like Inc.’s Alexa and the Google Assistant.”