McDonald’s just sold another tech company, but will continue its AI and data experiments

  • “The company announced Wednesday it has sold another tech company it only just bought in 2019 — targeted digital kiosk company Dynamic Yield.
  • Mastercard is the new owner of Dynamic Yield, and the technology could be a good fit for the credit card provider. Mastercard has monetized the massive amounts of purchase transaction data flowing through its system for years by selling consumer data products and ad targeting services.”

AI Algorithms Kick up Levi’s Revenue

  • “Levi Strauss & Co.’s Chief Strategy and AI Officer Katia Walsh on Friday (Dec. 17) noted that its Google Cloud-based data collection portal, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and includes inventory and sales information, has transformed the entire company, The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • In addition to its eCommerce site, Levi’s has its products in about 50,000 retail stores in more than 110 countries. The company uses the collected data and machine learning to help with pricing and shipping, as well as choosing the best locations to send shipments.
  • ‘AI is playing a significant role,’ Walsh told WSJ. The application of AI to pricing ‘enabled us to not discount as broadly and deeply as has been the practice in the past.’”

How IBM is preparing for a new era of A.I. ethics

  • “‘Technology is not ethical or unethical, it’s the whole ecosystem around it,’ she says, referring to the ethics guiding its multiple stakeholders, from researchers and developers to economists, policymakers, and consumers. ‘The goal is obvious—to take the best out of A.I., to make it as beneficial as possible, and to avoid the negative impacts.’
  • As companies around the world expand their use of A.I.—more than half of companies have accelerated their A.I. adoption plans—they are taking a careful look at ethics and responsible innovation. And global spending on A.I. systems is only expected to increase from $85.3 billion in 2021 to over $204 billion in 2025, according to market research firm IDC.”

Israel’s First Digital Bank secures $120 million investments worldwide

  • “FDB founder Prof. Amnon Shashua: ‘I firmly believe that AI technology, that is currently transforming significant parts of our lives, can be the key to resolving the financial struggles faced by so many families worldwide,’ he added.”

Active.Ai powers WhatsApp banking for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

  • “Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has introduced WhatsApp banking to enable superior customer experience for their customers powered by Active.Ai in collaboration with Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd (Talisma).
  • Powered by Active. Ai’s conversational AI banking platform, institutions can now communicate digitally with their consumers, understand their intent, be contextually aware, handle multiple instructions in a single string, and handle acronyms or slang in a delightful manner.”