‘A burger, a coffee, whatever’: Food-delivery robots may soon roll up to Purdue’s campus

  • “A board in West Lafayette, Indiana, has unanimously approved a pilot program bringing robotic delivery services to Purdue University
  • ‘That could be a burger, a coffee, whatever the case may be,’ Wynkoop said. ‘We’ve spoken with other university’s dining programs and public safety offices and they have had no problems. This is just another option of a service.'”


Purdue ranks fourth best in the nation for Best Value institutions in the United States, based on a survey released Wednesday (Sept. 5) by The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education.


Competing Above Their Weight Class With AI: A Case Study


  • “In other words, AI and process technologies allow a smaller and more nimble firm to compete with the big ad agencies. By offering flat rate packages and turnkey services, enabled by technology, clients know what they will pay.
  • There is a significant time reduction with the minimum being 37% for a small scope and up to 94% for a broader scope. The average decrease in time spent from a client briefing email to an ad launch with 80 ads is 67%.”


Constellation Agency

The Bank of the Future Will Have Data Vaults and Money Vaults

    • “‘Using AI and machine learning, there is the potential to build a ‘data marketplace’ for banks, fintechs and other data providers to partner and build more services together.”
    • Banking institutions are in a perfect position to play this role if they innovate right. They can be the perfect data vaults for managing the privacy and also the data of their customers
    • To achieve this vision, banking will need to understand the value and importance of data in achieving such transformation.”


    Flybits – https://www.flybits.com

    Amazon Forecast hits general availability

    “Forecasting events at scale given a set of variables is a capability most companies would find useful, for obvious reasons. Fortunately for them, Amazon’s made the science of prediction more accessible with a fully managed service called Forecast, which uses AI and machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts. It’s now generally available through Amazon Web Services.”