How AR, AI play into delivering a personalized shopping journey

Enhance store navigation with AR

“The widespread use of smart phones makes the device a primary target for implementing AR technology. With smart phones comes mobile apps, and those that feature personalized AR navigation can help retailers deliver a new level of customer engagement in-store. Whether a consumer wants to search for a product by general term, specific brand name, product or unique product code, apps like these enable the shopper to search in a variety of ways, according to their individual needs.

Once a shopper finds the desired product on the app, they can tap on the item to begin navigation from the shopper’s precise location to the product’s shelf location. By simply following their phone’s AR-enabled navigation to each item, the shopper can complete their trip with more ease than ever before. Using AR to better navigate a store according to preferences or existing shopping lists allows customers to experience easier findability and increased discovery of applicable products.”

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