eCommerce Influencer Series: Erika Jolly Brookes – Springbot

“In this installment of our eCommerce Influencer Series, we are excited to have Springbot Chief Marketing Officer Erika Jolly Brookes join us.

Q: Artificial Intelligence is a big buzzword now. What role does AI play today in digital marketing and what may we expect from AI in the future?

AI is yet another technology that’s traditionally been out of reach for smaller merchants. Put plainly, in order for it to impact the 99% of online retailers that fall into the SMB or SOHO buckets, it has to be accessible, integrated and affordable. Otherwise, it’s a non-factor. I do think we’ll eventually see more democratization of AI, but right now it’s too complex to implement or even integrate into an average online storeowner’s existing tech stack or workflows.

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