50 Most Popular AI-Influencers of North America – Rakesh Nair

1. “Bob E Hayes Senior Director of Research and Analytics at Indigo Slate an Experience agency. A PhD in industrial-organizational psychology, his interests lies in Data Science, CX, Statistics and Machine Learning.

2. Kirk Borne Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. Astrophysicist and Top Big Data Science and AI Influencer. 

3. Martin Ford Futurist and the author of three books on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Automation. His new book is Architects of Intelligence. He is also the founder of a Silicon valley-based Software Development firm.

4. Adam Coates A Director at Apple. I received my PhD from Stanford University in 2012 and was the director of the Silicon Valley AI Lab at Baidu Research until September 2017, then an Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures until 2018.

5. Fei-Fei-Li Co-Director at Stanford’s Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL), a Human-Centered AI Institute. Researcher in AI, Computer Vision, AI+Healthcare.”


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