H2O.ai Closes $100 Million in Funding Led by Customer Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • “‘Commonwealth Bank and H2O.ai are led by our core belief that we can make the world better by serving our communities and customers with AI. This strategic partnership between the leading global AI Cloud movement and Australia’s largest bank will unleash the juggernaut of co-innovation and will further democratize AI with trust and freedom. This will be fun.’
  • Andrew McMullan, PhD, Chief Data and Analytics Officer of CBA, said: ‘I’ve worked in this field for 25 years and this is the best platform and product I have had the privilege of using in my career so far. We’re committed to improving every one of the 35 million decisions that we deliver to our customers every single day–whether via our app, online banking platform, branches, or Australian call centers. In order to do that we had to find the best solution across the globe. Every single experience we build together with H2O.ai has been significantly better than what it replaces.’ Andrew McMullan joins the H2O.ai Board of Directors. H2O.ai and CBA have also entered a strategic partnership to further boost CBA’s AI capabilities, co-create financial services AI applications powered by the H2O AI Cloud and together work on initiatives to improve communities and the planet.”


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