Domino’s uses ‘AI’ to start making pizzas before they are even ordered

  • “Domino’s has lifted the lid on a technology it is banking on to help cut delivery times to under 10 minutes, revealing it uses artificial intelligence to decide whether to start making pizzas before they are ordered.
  • As customers are adding pizzas and side dishes to their online shopping carts, the AI tool crunches the numbers, working out the probability of them completing the order, chief digital officer Michael Gillespie says.
  • stores had achieved ‘high 90’s’ and sometimes 100 per cent accurate predictions over a period of days, he says.
  • AI is one of the tools that Domino’s is relying on to achieve the ambitious ‘3Ten’ goal it set in 2016 of enabling customers to pick up pizzas within three minutes of placing an order or delivering them to their home in 10 minutes.”

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