E-Commerce Looks Strong, But We Need To Examine Its Key Vulnerability

  • “If e-commerce is the future of retail, we’re going to need to fortify the shipping channels we rely on.
  • “When something goes wrong with delivery, the customer usually has no recourse. The freight forwarder often passes the buck, and it’s impossible to tell who exactly is responsible for what went wrong.”
  • 64.3% of respondents said cost was the most important factor when it comes to shipping, followed by 18.7% who cited speed as the most important.”


Antuit.ai Launches Strategic Advisory Board of Consumer Products, Retail, and Technology Veterans

Antuit.ai CEO Craig Silverman [Photo: Courtesy Antuit.ai]
  • “Frisco-based Antuit.ai, a provider of SaaS artificial intelligence solutions for forecasting and merchandising, has formed a Strategic Advisory Board made up of some of the most experienced executives in the consumer products, retail, and technology industries.
  • Today, some big names are deploying the Software-as-a-Service technology: Pepsico, Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, and Philips.”

Antuit.ai Launches Strategic Advisory Board of Consumer Products, Retail, and Technology Veterans

Nike Teams With Geek+ For Same-Day Delivery

  • “Smart logistics provider Geek+ announced a same-day delivery partnership with Nike, which will provide advanced robotics solutions for the athletics company’s new distribution center in Japan, according to reports on Wednesday (Feb. 5).
  • Founded in 2015, Geek+ is a global logistics company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to help warehouses and factories improve their operations. The firm has completed over 200 projects on four continents and has deployed more than 10,000 robots.”


Deliverr raises $40 million to fulfill ecommerce orders nationwide

  • “Online retailers neglect the fulfillment side of the business at their own risk. According to surveys, 38% of customers abandon their order if delivery is expected to take longer than a week, and 69% of consumers are less likely to shop with a retailer if a previous purchase was not delivered within two days of the promised date.
  • The ecommerce logistics market is crammed with companies…There’s Bringg and Roadie, which recently raised tens of millions of dollars for last-mile shipping services, and well-funded microfulfillment startups like Chaldal,  Fabric, and Attobotics. That’s not to mention companies like Convoy, Transfix, and Loadsmart, which are raking in dough for products that juggle long-haul delivery planning.”


Image Credit: Deliverr