Amazon’s future vision of AI, warehouse bots and Alexa

  • “‘[AI] is sprinkled everywhere,’ Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said after attending re:MARS. ‘It’s an integral part of every service they offer, every product they make and every business they run.’
  • We’re not particularly worried about job displacement … We’re growing, we need to hire more people.”

Understanding Cognitive Technology: The Next Wave Of AI For The Workplace

  • “Eighty-six percent of executives surveyed by Accenture “anticipate that the pace of technology change will increase rapidly or at an unprecedented rate in their industry over the next three years.”
  • AI that automates routine tasks can allow you to complete “busy work” at lightning speed. AI that “reads” documents can make finding the thing you need intuitive and instant.
  • In the next few years, I believe the most important skills will be the abilities to learn new technology and adapt to new information, what Accenture calls a ‘liquid workforce.'”

Former Google CEO ‘absolutely convinced’ AI will create ‘huge jobs shortage’

  • “I’m absolutely convinced that there’s going to be a huge job shortage,” he told Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. ”And by that I mean not enough people to fill the jobs that are open because of this.”
  • “There’s no question that it’s disruptive,” he added. ”This is not a job killer. This is a job creator.”

Global business value of AI in banking forecast to reach $300bn by 2030

  • “In 2018, the business value of AI was estimated to be $41.1bn, which includes the cost savings and efficiencies of introducing AI technology compared to keeping existing infrastructures and processes.
  • North America is tipped to be the biggest market for AI in banking between 2018 and 2023. The business value of AI in this region will go from $14.7bn in 2018 to nearly $79bn by 2030.
  • ‘Countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore are likely to drive the demand for AI within the banking sector over the next ten years,’ added Tait.
  • It’s not all good news: job losses and re-assignments will be common, IHS Markit estimates that by 2030, around 500,000 bank workers in the United Kingdom and 1.3m in the United States could be affected.”

IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy Is Fantastic, But AI Also Cut 30% Of Its HR Workforce

    • “Today and under Rometty’s leadership, IBM headcount has dropped approximately 25%. There are now less than 350,000 people. How? In part, artificial intelligence.
    • I agree. Every role in the corporate hierarchy will in one way, shape or form be affected by the introduction of AI over time. She went on to say that job losses as a result of AI is a “red herring” and that we really shouldn’t “follow that logic all over the place.”
    • By example, IBM has reduced its global HR workforce by 30% through the introduction of AI into the company.
    • IBM’s talent strategy also involves the proactive retention of people. Its HR AI system accurately predicts 95% of the time if people might want to leave the company. “It has saved the company over $300 million,” said Rometty, specifically due to proactive retention practices.
    • According to Rometty, this new way of operating at IBM has delivered a 20% bump in employee engagement scores across the company.”