Here’s how Workruit, the Tinder for jobs, is working to make hiring hassle-free

    “Like? Swipe right. Don’t like? Swipe left. Location-based social search app Tinder made meeting people easy as pie. Manikanth Challa, 26, a graduate of Penn State University, wondered if the same idea could be applied to recruitment and launched mobile recruiting platform Workruit in May 2017.
  • Any job-seeker or recruiter can register on the platform for free. Once a job is posted, the AI-enabled algorithm curates relevant profiles of job-seekers for recruiters and vice-versa.

Give Us 8 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Truth About AI for Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

“With the goal of applying AI technologies to achieve extraordinary good, is presenting the good and bad side in a new infographic.

AI For Good

On the good side, AI-gathered data will dramatically reduce waste, increase efficiency, deliver higher crop yields and improve the global environment.

On a personal level, AI is going to give physically challenged individuals more access whether they are blind, deaf or have limited mobility.

AI will create millions of jobs. Some of these jobs include programmers to teach AI systems, technology go betweens, and ethic controllers to ensure the integrity of AI systems.

When it comes to data scientists and data engineers, the infographic says it expects a 39% growth by 2020.

Artificial intelligence will also increase human potential by freeing up creativity because there will be a shift in how many hours Americans spend on their job as automation handles more tasks.

The issue of automation has 37% of people worried their jobs is at risk. However, an overwhelming majority or 73% said technology can never replace the human mind.”

Job switches fetching most for pros in tech, ecommerce, digital

“Wonder which are the sectors giving the biggest pay jumps to get talent to switch jobs, or, which are the roles that offer the highest premiums for job changes? We have the answers.

Technology, ecommerce, digital, fintech, consumer, IT and manufacturing are among the sectors leading the charge, offering enticing hikes of 30-40% for in-demand talent, around half a dozen headhunters and recruitment firms told ET.

So, 45-50% jumps during job switches would be fairly common for senior talent in the digital/ecommerce space, as also in analytics and AI. CFOs, general counsels, data science professionals and pharma R&D experts are among those getting a premium, he said.”

Why NYC is a Great Place to Break into AI

NYC has the highest concentration of AI/ML Jobs in the US

“New York is home to more than 7,000 startups — second in size only to San Francisco. However, when it comes to the concentration of artificial intelligence and machine learning jobs in the market, it looks like NYC even has San Francisco beat. An astonishing 11.6% of job postings on are related to AI and machine learning, compared to San Francisco’s 9.6% (according to research compiled by Bloomberg). If you’re looking for a job in the artificial intelligence space, New York is the perfect spot.”

Infographic: 10 companies hiring the most AI talent

  • “Demand for workers in artificial intelligence (AI) has increased by up to 119% in the past three years
  • Contrary to popular belief, AI isn’t replacing humans in tech; rather, at this point, it is creating more jobs.
  • Microsoft has the most open AI jobs available currently, totaling 1,964 positions, which is 36% of all open jobs at the company, the report found.
  • NVIDIA came in second place, with 369 available AI jobs, assuming 33% of the company’s total open jobs.”

Bernie Sanders, AI candidate

Sen. Bernie Sanders. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty

“What he said: Right at the halfway mark of the 10-minute video, Sanders took a stance on the future of work. “I’m running for president because we need to understand that artificial intelligence and robotics must benefit the needs of workers, not just corporate America and those who own that technology,” Sanders said.”

40% of companies are adding jobs after deploying AI, not killing them

    • Within organizations, respondents reported the top use cases for AI to be analytics (62%), automation (52%), and data management (42%). Some 29% use the technology for improvements to back-end systems, and 23% use AI for consumer-facing chatbots, the report added.
    • The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs are still in high demand, with 40%of companies adding positions after deploying the technology. — Dun & Bradstreet, 2019
    • The biggest issue in AI deployment is the talent able to interpret the technology, which results in a demand for talent that is able to do so. — Dun & Bradstreet, 2019

    Infographic: AI is not Killing Jobs

    I wanted to share this infographic from Narrative Science with the title, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not Killing Jobs.” Here are a few of my favorite key data points

    • “On average organizations feel they are getting only 53% of the potential insights from their available data.” 
    • “Executives acknowledge data analytics technologies are more effective at producing problem-solving information when paired with AI”
    For the full report please visit: