How Starbucks Is Using Artificial Intelligence

  • “Called Deep Brew, this isn’t about a flavor of coffee or tea. Deep Brew is the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) program, and it’s all about “nurturing humanity,” as Johnson put it.
  • For Starbucks, AI will be going through the mounds of data it already has in areas like scheduling, inventory, and restaurant traffic.
  • The Deep Brew plan looks to flip this narrative. Instead of technology robbing us of human interaction, Starbucks will use it to automate menial machine interactions, freeing employees to engage with their job craft and interact with the customer.”


Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi Says the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Will Be as Big a Challenge as the Company’s Shift to Cloud Computing

  • “Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi says its a “myth” that artificial intelligence will be a job killer.
  • Goodarzi’s view is that AI is here to stay and will accelerate over time, so he wants Intuit to leverage it to the best of its ability to provide benefit to their customers.”

IBM: AI will change every job and increase demand for creative skills

  • “A report released this week by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab called “The Future of Work: How New Technologies Are Transforming Tasks.”
  • The researchers used machine learning to analyze 170 million U.S. job postings between 2010 and 2017. They found that out of 18,500 possible tasks employees might be asked to do on average, the number had fallen by 3.7 over seven years.
  • A drop, though hardly radical. These disappearing tasks are being taken up by AI or machine learning systems that have demonstrated the efficiencies of automation, the report says.

5 predictions for AI’s impact on customer experience in 2020 (VB Live)

“In 2019, smart companies started investing in bot technology because it was clear that despite reservations, consumers were slowly coming around, and having the infrastructure in place now would help businesses prepare for the next step in customer service technology.”

McDonald’s Claims First ‘Voice Apply’ Process

“Russell said that in the near future, job seekers will be able to ask a voice-activated device to find, for example, any marketing jobs within a certain ZIP code posted in the last 24 hours on Indeed. The tool will rattle off the jobs by title, and the person will able to choose which job postings to listen to before telling the device to shoot over a LinkedIn profile or upload a resume stored in the cloud.”