Back-To-School Season Spurs Increase In Global ECommerce Transactions, According To Latest ACI Worldwide Data

  • “New data from ACI Worldwide shows global eCommerce transactions increased by 24 percent in August 2020 compared to August 2019.
  • The gaming sector continued to see significant growth in August (109%) compared to July (52%), driven by new game releases as well as stay-at-home restrictions that are forcing consumers to find indoor entertainment.”

Back-to-School Season Spurs Increase in Global eCommerce Transactions, According to Latest ACI Worldwide Data

Google’s Vision for the Future of Bank Marketing, AI, Data and Brand

  • “Even the most ardent digital marketing proponent might be startled by the prediction that 100% of advertising will be online and automated by 2025.
  • First, about 65% of the ads in 2025 will be online ads. Second, the other 35% will also be digital, but not online.
  • ‘Maximizing cash flow is very different than maximizing ROI,” Darveau-Garneau states. “The best advice I can give you in your performance marketing strategy is to build a dashboard that motivates your marketing teams to maximize profitability, as opposed to efficiency.’”

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, Chief Evangelist at Google.


Top 8 “No-Code” Machine Learning Platforms You Should Use In 2020

“At the turn of this decade, there is a surge of no-code AI platforms. More and more businesses are looking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to build smarter software-based products. But execution becomes an obstacle for many. It’s a challenge for startups to find people with relevant machine learning expertise as the field is always a work in progress.

Photo by UX Store on Unsplash”

Powering ecommerce sales for festive season and beyond

* “As online shopping continues to grow at breakneck speed, ecommerce players are riding the wave and increasing their spend on AR, VR and AI to entice and engage customers in anticipation of the festive season.

* In its latest Adobe Digital Economy Index report for May 2020, Adobe Analytics found that ecommerce sales during May 2020 alone eclipsed the entire 2019 holiday season.

* In the post-COVID world, brands will have to make significant changes to establish true connections with their loyal customers. One way could be using user-generated images or videos on their digital properties. This can be a valuable tool to replicate in-store social shopping visits.”

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