Scaling AI: The 4 challenges you’ll face

Image Credit: gremlin/Getty Images
  • “Organizations of all sizes are embracing AI as a transformative technology to power their digital transformation journeys. Still the challenges around operationalizing AI at scale can still seem insurmountable, with a large number of projects failing.
  • They have most likely set up some form of a Center of Excellence (CoE) for AI, with key hires both in leadership and technical roles, and have demonstrated the promise of AI, using a few machine learning projects in a limited scale. Then they move to scale a project into production, and they get stuck.
  • The reasons why scaling AI is so challenging seem to fall under four themes: customization, data, talent, and trust.
  • The $15.7 trillion opportunity with AI is in front of us, but it requires us to come together as an industry to solve these key challenges”

AI Adds Fuel To New Credit Scoring Data

“That mission has been the focus of, said President and Founder Clint Lotz. The company offers a machine learning (ML) solution that allows lenders to leverage millions of dispute records and alternative data (and the company’s data set) through an application programming interface (API) and help predict future borrowing potential. That in turn helps offer better loans to customers. As Lotz told PYMNTS, the future of banking in the connected economy — particularly in extending credit — is more inclusive and high-tech driven.”

Understanding The AI/E-Commerce Connection In The Age Of Socially-Distanced Retail

  • “‘You can have all the data in the world but if you’re not using it to your advantage or using it in the right way, it’s a waste of time, effort & money. The most successful companies are the ones who know how to utilize their data most efficiently.’
  • With regards to the biggest shift in e-commerce in 2021, there is currently a lot of focus on “headless” approaches to e-commerce sites right now including the concept of using specialized software for powering the customer-facing experience.
  • ‘Some technologies and approaches to ‘headless e-commerce’ can completely remove the load time from the site,’ says Raushenbush.
  • ‘There’s a lot of amazing things that ecommerce platforms are developing to make the success of small brands possible.’”