AI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies

“To be included on the list, companies needed to show that techniques like machine learning (where systems learn from data to improve on tasks), natural language processing (which enables programs to “understand” written or spoken language), or computer vision (which relates to how machines “see”) are a core part of their business model and future success. Find all the details on our methodology here.”

Google teams up with Mayo Clinic on AI-powered medical research

“Data-driven medical innovation is growing exponentially, and our partnership with Google will help us lead the digital transformation in health care,” Mayo’s president and CEO, Gianrico Farrugia, said in a statement. “It will empower us to solve some of the most complex medical problems; better anticipate the needs of people we serve; and meet them when, where and how they need us.”

The Future of AI: Applications for banking business transformation

“Finextra’s The Future of Artificial Intelligence 2019 report will explore how the financial services industry can leverage tried and tested experiments of AI in other industries to transform how transaction services can be reshaped.

The report looks at how machine learning, deep learning and robotics could benefit banks and could improve customer experience and security, aligning decision-making factors with ethics to improve how a financial institution operates.”