Aunalytics unifies siloed bank customer data with AI-driven data mart and NLP

  • “Aunalytics announced an update to its Daybreak for Financial Services platform that employs machine learning algorithms to enable midrange banks and credit unions to more easily analyze data.
  • The latest update adds a data mart that automatically discovers and aggregates customer data residing in siloed lending, mobile banking, automated teller machine (ATM), customer relationship management (CRM), wealth management, and trust applications.
  • The platform has also added support for a natural language processing (NLP) engine that eliminates the need to know SQL to query data. Companies can automatically create visualizations of those query results as well.”

E-commerce roll-ups are the next wave of disruption in consumer packaged goods

Image Credits: Javier Zayas Photography (opens in a new window) / Getty Images
  • “Roll-ups are the aggregation of smaller companies into larger firms, creating a potentially compelling path for equity value.
  • Right now, all eyes are on Thrasio, the fastest company to reach unicorn status, and its cadre of competitors, such as Heyday, Branded and Perch”

E-commerce roll-ups are the next wave of disruption in consumer packaged goods

Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce

Image Credits: Vue Storefront
  • “While most headless commerce companies are focused on creating back-end infrastructure, Vue powers the front end, namely the progressive web applications with which consumers actually interact. The company describes itself as “the lightning-fast front-end platform for headless commerce.”
  • ‘You are like the glue. Headless was so complex to me, and then I got this Vue Storefront thing to come in on top everything else and be the glue connecting things.’”