Black Friday: The cost of 77 minutes of downtime – IT-Online

Kate Mollett

  • “The increasing importance of data adds three very real risks to companies – downtime, compliance and security.
  • The volume of sales fell by 1,4% year-on-year; the first negative annual growth rate since February 2017. On the other hand Black Friday boosted sales to 2,9% year-on-year in terms of volume.
  • Google Trends shows us that consumer interest on Black Friday has more than doubled. In South Africa, the percentage increase is a staggering 900% making it both a lucrative, but also a highly strenuous time for retailers.”

Facebook’s AI team maps the whole population of Africa

  • “The project will eventually map nearly the whole world’s population,’ Facebook said in a blog post.
  • Luckily, this sort of task — tedious but simple — is perfect for AI. To automate this process, Facebook’s engineers used data from open-source mapping project Open Street Map to train a computer vision system that can recognize buildings in satellite imagery.”

Don’t miss these thrilling topics at the Digital Retail Forum 2019 – Johannesburg, South Africa

“On 30 January 2019, IT News Africa will host the Digital Retail Forum 2019 at the Hilton Sandton located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This highly anticipated event will cover the theme of “Harnessing Digital Technology for Next-Level Customer Centred Retailing.”

To add to list, DRF2019 will also place a major focus on how emerging technologies such as Ai, IoT, drones, digital payment solutions, new eCommerce models and mobility are disrupting the retail sector. This exciting event will also delve into how to survive by harnessing new technology to improve both Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency.

A variety of top-tier professionals will also be attending #DigitalRetailForum and will be looking for products and services that will help them increase productivity, reduce costs, attract more customers, improve customer experience, enhance security and sell more – whether they are small independent retailers or large retail groups.

Those attending DRF 2019 will be thrilled by expert presentations covering the most vital topics in the retail sector.

These include:

Leveraging AI to Impact Your Bottom Line and CX

• Discovering the advantages of AI to make more confident decisions for your establishment

• Predicting how AI will change the face of retail in the near future

• Looking at the impact of AI from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions

• Integrating AI in the retail industry to improve sales and CRM Applications”