Mercator Advisory Group gives Kount the top scores for its Identity Trust Global Network, Advanced AI, and Chargeback Protection

“Kount, the leader in digital fraud protection and identity trust, today announced independent research firm Mercator Advisory Group has ranked Kount the best eCommerce Fraud Detection Solution in its vendor comparison, published this month. Mercator analysts assessed more than 40 fraud prevention providers and selected five that offer complete solutions for a detailed comparison across five attributes. Kount ranked highest overall with a 4.58 out of 5, as well as first in two categories.”

Index and Credo lead a $2.75M seed in anti-fraud tech, Resistant AI

“Right now, our target customers are financial and fintech startups, as well as other companies deploying the automated process (both software and RPA) in their financial processes,” he added. “The financial systems are our current focus, but the attacks on machine learning are relevant in many other areas: process automation, e-commerce, manipulation of ‘trend detection’ algorithms in social media and other opportunities.”

AI to fight security breaches

  • “Security breaches have increased 67 per cent since 2014 and 11 per cent since 2018.
  • 4.1 billion personal records exposed in a variety of ways: 52 per cent through hacking; 33 per cent via phishing; and 32 per cent through social engineering
  • Information security system spending is expected to reach $131 billion worldwide by the end of the year
  • A recent survey found that the industry needs at least 4 million new cybersecurity personnel to effectively fight digital fraud worldwide on top of the 2.8 million people already employed by the industry. This 4 million figure is a 33 per cent increase”

Arc’teryx Partners with Kount to Rethink Fraud Prevention and Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

“Kount, the leading AI-driven fraud prevention solution, today announced that Arc’teryx, a global company specializing in technical high-performance apparel, has selected the Identity Trust Global Network to upgrade its fraud prevention and expand into new geographies while providing a frictionless and highly personalized experience for “pro” customers.”

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SafetyPay partners with Feedzai to protect customers from fraud with AI

  • “SafetyPay currently partners with 380 banks in 17 countries worldwide, across Latin America, Europe and North America.
  • With a shared goal of making banking and commerce safe, the partnership with Feedzai enhances SafetyPay’s security, harnessing AI to protect customers across borders from fraudulent risks in real-time.”