Ecommerce solutions specialist secures $21M in funding

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  • “ provides all grocers with the tools to build and manage their own catalogue of inventory and leverage advanced fulfilment methods to propel online business and meet growing consumer needs.
  • “I am delighted to see build on the 250% year-on-year growth we achieved over the past twelve months and begin an exciting new era for the company, in which we are set to expand both our product offering and our customer base,” said Orlee Tal, CEO,” Expands Personalization Capabilities Pushing New Boundaries to Support Grocers

  • “, the end-to-end digital commerce solution for grocers, today announced the launch of its Smart Basket, in addition to other personalization tools to meet the shifting industry.
  • Customers will benefit from intuitive experiences including product promotions, option to repurchase a “one-click” basket, reminders based on previous purchase history and recommendations for alternative or complimentary products.
  • ‘For most shoppers, digital grocery shopping is all about the convenience it offers. By creating personalized experiences, customers are more engaged with brands and are encouraged to repeat purchases, which is key for grocers to grow and maintain operations.’”

Please DON’T place your items in the bagging area: All Australian supermarkets will be ‘checkout-free’ by 2030, Coles executive claims

  • “Coles head of commercial and express Greg Davis said artificial intelligence, sensors and data would be used to detect what customers pick up and put in their bags.
  • This will significantly improve our forecasting and therefore improve our availability so we can have exactly the right range in the right stores,’ Mr Davis said.”