The Metaverse is already here: 5 companies building our virtual reality future

“If you believe Facebook, the future is a virtual reality “metaverse.”

The tech giant, which changed its name to Meta last month, plans to invest $10 billion this year to develop products that support augmented and virtual reality — a robotic hand, high-tech VR glasses and sophisticated software applications, to name just a few. Analysts expect the company to spend at least $50 billion to achieve its promise of a virtual reality future.

But Meta is far from the only player. In fact, a half-dozen other companies are already building out the hardware and software that will be the next generation of virtual interaction — something Wall Street sees as a $1 trillion market. The companies include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Valve and others building out products for work and communication. Smaller startups are likely to join them as investors flood into the market.”

Tim Cook is ‘really stoked’ about AI

“In a new interview with TIME, he said that AI, or a machine’s ability to simulate human intelligence like logic and reasoning, is the most promising innovation of today for two simple reasons. It’s ‘everywhere’ and it has the potential to ‘make people’s lives easier.’”

Apple is reportedly working on a pay later feature for Apple Pay

Image credit: Apple

“According to Bloomberg, the company is working with Goldman Sachs on a service called ‘Apple Pay Later’ that will allow those with its devices to settle purchases over time, including ones they make at physical shops.

When using the service, the outlet says you’ll have two ways of paying for your purchase. If you pick the ‘Apple Pay in 4’ option, you’ll need to make four interest-free payments across two months.”

Apple’s free upgrades are Inviting you into the Metaverse: iOS15 – macOS Monterey & iPadOS15

Above:Photo Credit – Apple / Lynxotic
  • “The acceleration in AI application, machine learning, and converging use cases for all communications tech has created a situation where the entry-portal to the emerging metaverse is already here.
  • iOS15, previewed this week at the WWDC2021 is rolling out literally dozens of new features, many based on machine learning, neural networks and AI that propose a new level of highly sophisticated options to communicate with video, photos and text.”

Apple’s free upgrades are Inviting you into the Metaverse: iOS15 – macOS Monterey & iPadOS15