Apple’s iPhone 9 release next month has reportedly been canceled

“Apple’s iPhone 9 was expected to be unveiled in late March ahead of a release in stores in early April.

A new report says Apple’s release plans for the iPhone 9 have changed because of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, and the device will not be announced or released anytime soon.

The iPhone 9’s release date has supposedly been pushed back to summer or fall, and the iPhone 12 release might be delayed by up to 2 months as well.”

Apple details AI to help voice assistants recognize hotwords and multilingual speakers

  • “Siri virtual assistant is used by over 500 million customers worldwide.
  • Employing a graph neural network (GNN)..,the coauthors say they managed to mitigate 87% of false triggers.
  • In a recent study commissioned by the Washington Post, popular smart speakers made by Google and Amazon were 30% less likely to understand non-American accents”

Apple gives its hiring page a colorful overhaul — and a renewed focus on AI

  • “Interestingly, the fourth feature focuses on Machine Learning and AI. This is an area Apple previously lagged behind on. Today, it is making renewed efforts to embrace artificial intelligence as part of its mission. The presence of this page is a testament to that.”