Apple enters the BNPL market as regulation, competition intensify

  • “During its WWDC speech, Apple announced a new service called Apple Pay Later that will allow consumers to make mobile and online purchases sliced into four payments over six weeks at the millions of U.S. retailers that already accept Apple Pay. The offering won’t include fees or other charges, the company said, requiring only a “soft” credit check and review of the user’s transaction history with Apple.”

At WWDC, Apple finally turned all its devices into one big platform

“Stage Manager, an all-new interface for wrangling multiple apps and their overlapping windows, is coming to both MacOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.

iOS’s new Lock Screen customizations clearly draw considerable inspiration from how watch faces work on the Apple Watch, and the interface for choosing them is remarkably similar.

People without Apple Watches will still be able to use Apple’s Fitness app on their iPhones, turning the smartphone into a sort of Apple Watch you don’t wear on your wrist.

Apps such as Mail and Messages are getting new features that will debut on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac as soon as their updates are available this fall.
Freeform, a new Apple app for collaborative whiteboarding, is coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple’s Weather app, long an iPhone mainstay, will finally make its way to the iPad and Mac.

Apple’s most neglected operating system, the Apple TV’s tvOS, isn’t receiving much in the way of new features—but some of what it will get, such as support for Nintendo Switch game controllers, will also be available on other platforms.”

Apple Acquires U.K. Financial Health Startup Credit Kudos

  • “Credit Kudos lets businesses assess loan applicants by analyzing banking data, such as user transactions, and offers a service for potential borrowers to assess their credit worthiness.
  • Apple has been escalating its push in payments in recent years, launching the Apple Card in the U.S. in 2019 and rolling out Apple device installment plans on the credit card later that year.
  • It also offers the Apple Cash card for digital peer-to-peer payments and is working on a service for Apple Pay that would let people buy things and pay them off later in installments
  • In February, Apple confirmed plans to release its much-anticipated Tap to Pay feature on the iPhone later this year, giving merchants an alternative to Block Inc.’s Square technology.”

The Metaverse is already here: 5 companies building our virtual reality future

“If you believe Facebook, the future is a virtual reality “metaverse.”

The tech giant, which changed its name to Meta last month, plans to invest $10 billion this year to develop products that support augmented and virtual reality — a robotic hand, high-tech VR glasses and sophisticated software applications, to name just a few. Analysts expect the company to spend at least $50 billion to achieve its promise of a virtual reality future.

But Meta is far from the only player. In fact, a half-dozen other companies are already building out the hardware and software that will be the next generation of virtual interaction — something Wall Street sees as a $1 trillion market. The companies include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Valve and others building out products for work and communication. Smaller startups are likely to join them as investors flood into the market.”

Tim Cook is ‘really stoked’ about AI

“In a new interview with TIME, he said that AI, or a machine’s ability to simulate human intelligence like logic and reasoning, is the most promising innovation of today for two simple reasons. It’s ‘everywhere’ and it has the potential to ‘make people’s lives easier.’”