McDonald’s is replacing human drive-thru attendants with AI

  • “McDonald’s just rolled out a voice recognition system at 10 drive-throughs in Chicago, expanding from the solitary test store they launched a few years ago.
  • Flippy the robot flips burgers at a California restaurant, grilling up to 150 burgers in an hour. And Spyce, a Boston restaurant, employs seven automated woks to cook food — and zero human chefs.
  • The technology is still in its infancy and only about 85% accurate. One in 5 orders needs a little help from an actual human”

McDonald’s Is Becoming a Tech Company With Its Latest Purchase

“With McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) acquisition of early-stage artificial intelligence specialist Apprente, the fast-food leader is quickly transforming itself into a technology leader. 

The purchase marks the burger joint’s third investment in a tech company this year following its acquisition of another artificial intelligence (AI) outfit, Dynamic Yield, and its 10% stake in mobile app developer Plexure.”

McDonald’s doubles down on AI: Fast food giant acquires voice-tech startup to improve its interactive menus

  • “McDonald’s announced today that it is acquiring voice tech startup Apprente
  • McDonald’s this year launched AI-powered menus at hundreds of U.S. locations
  • The menus can suggest items based on time of day, weather and more factors
  • Firm said it’s ‘improving and modernizing’ the ways that it connects to customers”