Smart-home device maker Wyze raises $110M as it plans to inject AI heavily into camera products

“‘We are doubling down and investing heavily to build world-class artificial intelligence into our camera products,’ Wyze co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Dave Crosby told GeekWire. ‘Just in the last year, our AI team has built person detection, vehicle detection, package detection and pet detection into our cameras.’”

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla AI Day Will Be Held On August 19: What You Need To Know

“Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday confirmed plans to hold the AI Day on August 19.

What Happened: Musk tweeted to confirm the AI Day event will now be held in August after fixing a tentative late-July date earlier.

Musk reiterated that the AI day this year will be aimed at providing a boost to its recruiting plans where the electric vehicle maker will go over the progress with ‘Tesla software & hardware’ for training and inference.”

Microsoft acquires Seattle startup Suplari, which uses AI to analyze corporate spending

  • “Microsoft said it will pair Suplari with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ‘to help customers maximize financial visibility by using AI to automate the analysis of current data and historical patterns from multiple data sources.’
  • Suplari analyzes procurement and spending data flowing into various enterprise systems. It can provide recommendations for cost savings, risk exposure, and other efficiency gaps. The software serves as an alternative to compiling data in an app such as Excel or Tableau and having a team of analysts comb through the information themselves. Suplari manages more than $180 billion in spend across millions of transactions per month.”

Facebook creates exec team to work on Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for a digital universe

“‘Today Portal and Oculus can teleport you into a room with another person, regardless of physical distance, or to new virtual worlds and experiences,’ Bosworth wrote. ‘But to achieve our full vision of the Metaverse, we also need to build the connective tissue between these spaces — so you can remove the limitations of physics and move between them with the same ease as moving from one room in your home to the next.’”

Digital transformation after the pandemic | MIT Sloan

  • “‘Digital transformation is less of a digital problem than it is a transformation problem,” said Westerman in a recent webinar for MIT Sloan Management Review. “It’s a leadership problem for envisioning and driving change.’
  • With consumers and organizations finally ready to embrace digital change at scale, how should companies leverage that shift to facilitate future transformation? Westerman identified four areas where companies should focus their next-generation digital initiatives:
  1. Customer experience
  2. Employee experience
  3. Operations
  4. Business model transformation”