Audi’s AI:ME is a self-driving car with empathy

  • “The AI:Me (pronounced Amy) is the automaker’s “empathetic mobility partner.” With level-4 abilities, the self-driving vehicle is built for dense urban environments. Its small footprint makes nimble enough to cruise down small roads and park in tiny spaces.
  • This year in the AI:Me they put a VR headset on my face and instead of a rambunctious space romp, I was treated to a relaxing helicopter flight over a beautiful landscape in China. Like last year’s adventure, the flight was synced with the movement of the car. The idea is that while you’re trapped in slow traffic the driver and passengers could relax by visiting far-away lands.”

Audi Reveals The AI:ME, Its Vision For A Clean Autonomous City Car

“The AI:ME follows on from the AIcon, Audi’s study for fully automated long-distance travel. The clue, of course, is in the AI of the naming under which Audi says it is “bundling an entire cluster of innovative mobility technologies”. The car marque is using strategies and technologies from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning so the AI cars combine vehicle intelligence, which makes automated driving possible. Audi says its AI systems are capable of learning and thinking, while also being proactive and personal.”