Wichita State named a founding member of artificial intelligence research group

  • “The university has been named a founding member of the AI Institute for Foundations for Machine Learning (IFML), which has been established with a $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation.
  • The institute will be physically located at the University of Texas-Austin, where the work of UT and WSU researchers will be joined by others from Microsoft Research and the University of Washington — near another aerospace manufacturing hub in Seattle as WSU is in Wichita.”


Kaushik Sinha

Associate Professor – Wichita State


New date announced for Digital Banking: Dec. 7-9 in Austin

Digital Banking 2020 | December 7-9 | Austin, TX

Drive your digital strategy and smart technology choices with fresh, innovative thinking from truly independent voices.
•Get real-time insights from banking innovation leaders and American Banker editors
•Draw fresh ideas from UX innovators inside and outside the industry
•Explore the latest tech platforms driving the most successful consumer products

Who’s Who in Digital Banking

With 1,700+ senior level executives from financial institutions and FinTech providers from both the US and around the globe, Digital Banking 2020 will inspire you with exceptional content, live demos and will encourage conversations. You will hear from experts in and out of the industry as they share their insights on what the future of digital banking looks like.


Digital Banking – Austin TX

This week Austin, TX will be the site of the Digital Banking conference hosted by the American Bankers Association (ABA)

Be sure to check the AI focused sessions with speakers including:

Chuck Monroe – Head of AI Enterprise Solutions, Wells Fargo

Vijay Nadadur – Co-Founder & CEO, Stride.AI

Frederick Townes – Co-Founder and CTO, NestReady

Rob Guilfoyle – Chief Executive Officer, Abe.ai

Phong Q. Rock – SVP, Feedzai

Steve Le Roux – Founder & CEO, Envel

Craig Bond – Chairman, Envel


Project Holobook on ai from Austin entrepreneur

This Agency Built Its Own Hologram Pitch Deck to Explain Artificial Intelligence

“To help explain the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Austin-based agency Hypergiant decided to move away from slide shows and instead build its own briefcase equipped with holographic imagery. The device, called Project Holobook”




Hypergiant – https://www.hypergiant.com



Disclosure: Hypergiant is funded by Beringer Captial, which also owns Adweek. Lamm is also a member of Adweek’s advisory board.