Want Your Company to Be Successful? Mark Cuban Says A.I. Is Key

  • “Mark Cuban knows a little bit about emerging technologies, and to him all roads lead to artificial intelligence. There are two types of companies in the world, he said at a recent Harvard Business Review leadership conference, “those who are great with AI and everyone else.”
  • Cuban stresses that the payoff from AI is a function of experience, one that builds on itself over time as new technologies continue to be developed. So getting a head start allows a business to be ahead of the curve.”


Report: 91% of professionals say automation tools improve their work-life balance

“According to the latest survey by Salesforce, 89% of respondents said they are more satisfied with their day-to-day jobs after using automation tools, while 76% of respondents said they are more satisfied with their stress levels at work as a result of using automation solutions.”


Report: 63% of millennials approve of automation in the workplace

  • “One of the bigger highlights from the study specifically focused on millennials, the largest generation in the U.S. labor force today, who are increasingly ready to work side-by-side with this technology. In fact, more than a third (35%) of millennials believe humans and machines can work together and 63% believe automation in the workplace is a good thing — especially if used to alleviate certain work burdens.”


Zapier: 60% of knowledge workers use automation to save time

  • “Marketers save the most time due to automation tools, an average of 25 hours saved each week, followed by IT professionals at 20 hours, customer service representatives at 16 hours and HR professionals at eight hours
  • nearly 30% of knowledge workers say they received a raise or promotion as a result of using automation software.
  • Additionally, knowledge workers say using automation tools improved their morale (35%), competence (34%), and confidence (32%) at work.”


How a “Human++” Approach Can Empower Bank Employees and Drastically Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • “AI and Automation has the potential to drastically transform front to back-office operations using a next generation workforce.
  • The solution executes 95% of requests and assigns only the remaining 5% exceptional cases to staff.
  • Not only has there been a 92% increase in productivity due to elimination of manual effort, but the time needed to process a request is down by an astounding 97%”