Biometrics are an essential part of the fintech equation

  • “Biometric technology is turning out to be the “X factor” for FinTech invention. Advancement of the technology is creating new opportunities for innovators to streamline the customer experience (CX). Convenience – quick and easy processes – is paramount for wooing today’s consumers, and biometrics are increasingly making it possible to increase speed and decrease friction.
  • Clear – yes, the company that expedites security screening at airports; it’s a biometric identity platform that stores individuals’ personal information and links it to biometric data. Clear is parlaying the data it’s collected on its users for airport screening to enable its biometric naked payments technology – linking its users’ biometric identities to their financial identities.”

AI and biometrics could boost e-commerce confidence in LatAm

“E-commerce is seeing consistent growth in Latin markets, with a 21,3% boost predicted for 2019 at $71,3 billion, according to the report carried out by Kantar on behalf of Mastercard across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico.”

Angelica Mari

Columnist Forbes Brasil

AI Advancements Are Making It Easier to Hack Biometric Systems

  • “Though the methods above are tricky for a hacker to complete, artificial intelligence could end up making the process of stealing your identity much easier. Researchers at New York University have created a tool that can generate fake fingerprints to unlock mobile devices.
  • Even more so, researchers have demonstrated how deep artificial neural networks can be trained over time to recreate faces, or just create faces in general. What is stopping someone from using these same tools to access your world?”