CES: The Coolest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Announcements

“So what were some of the stand out announcement at CES? 

  • SelfieType: One of the nagging frictions of smartphones is the keyboard. But Samsung has a solution: SelfieType. It leverages cameras and AI to create a virtual keyboard on a surface (such as a table) that learns from hand movements. 
  • Wiser: Developed by Schneider Electric, this is a small device that you install in your home’s circuit breaker box. With the use of machine learning, you can get real-time monitoring of usage by appliance, which can lead to money savings and optimization for a solar system.”


I met Samsung’s artificial humans, and they showed me the future of A.I.

  • “The Neons are generated by the company’s own reality engine called Core R3. The R3 name refers to the principals on which the system is based — reality, real time, and responsiveness, and it’s the combination of all these that bring the Neon to life.
  • Right now, a Neon cannot know who you are or remember you. Once your interaction is over, your relationship with it is lost to the digital ether. However, over the next year, the Neon team will work on the next version of Core R3, along with a project called Spectra that will add these important traits to Neon, and arguably bring it to life.”


AI-Driven Electric Motorcycle Shows Self-Driving Tech Is About More Than Autonomous Driving

“The safety features are impressive.

As you’d expect in a motorcycle, they’re not about crumple zones or air bags.

Instead, they’re about intelligence. Specifically, predictive intelligence: what’s around me, where is it going and what do I need to avoid? The Hypersport will track the speed, direction and acceleration of up to 64 moving objects around the bike, Damon says.”


9 New Home Tech Products Straight From the Future

“Here are some of the most eye-catching items that might soon be in homes:

1. Toilet paper that comes to you.

2. A washing machine that figures out the right settings for you.

3. A smart appliance that helps you cook.

4. A ball that follows you around the house.

5. An adult night light that helps you sleep better.

6. A hydro-powered weighted blanket.

7. A smart light switch that also works for “dumb” lights.

8. A machine that makes tons of bread.

9. A skincare system that’s all about at-home care.”


CES 2020: Samsung To Reveal An Invisible Keyboard That Makes Use Of Selfie Camera And AI To Type – Tech

  • “SelfieType is essentially a virtual keyboard that uses the selfie camera of a phone. The software uses an in-house SelfieType AI engine that analyses finger movements captured from the selfie camera and then converts them into text via QWERTY keyboard inputs.”
  • https://www.google.com/amp/s/technovlogy.in/samsung-at-ces-2020-to-showcase-an-invisible-keyboard-that-lets-you-type-with-phones-selfie-camera-and-ai/amp/