Executives Say $1 Billion for AI Research Isn’t Enough

“The U.S. government should do more to maintain the country’s status as a leader in AI, said Anthony Robbins, Nvidia’s vice president for the North American public sector. Washington needs to boost its AI training programs and figure out a way to compete for AI talent with startups and technology companies that pay more, he said.

‘A billion dollars is certainly a great thing and certainly interesting, but it’s not nearly enough,’ he said.”


China adds Huawei, Hikvision to team spearheading country’s AI efforts

“China now has a total of 15 national AI champions since it started this initiative in 2017.

Beijing named its first batch of national AI champions in 2017. These include:

  • Baidu for autonomous driving
  • Alibaba Group Holding for smart city initiatives
  • Tencent Holdings for computer vision in medical diagnosis
  • iFlyTek for speech recognition
  • SenseTime was added last year, with its focus on intelligent vision.
  • New York-listed Alibaba is the parent company of the South China Morning Post.”


Philips partners with JD for Chinese retail AI initiative

“Health technology firm Philips has partnered with Chinese eCommerce firm JD for an AI-driven retail solution to maximize the performance of Philips’ flagship store in China.

JD will leverage its AI technology to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, including user portrait analysis, user behaviour analysis and user motivation analysis. JD will assist in business decision making, providing guidance on product design, marketing and advertising, user engagement, branding and store operation.”


Baidu chief Robin Li calls for bold moves to ‘get back on top’ as it readies for AI future, fends off ByteDance in search

    • “‘To strengthen the mobile foundation and lead in AI is our core strategy,’ said Li.
    • Baidu reported that its smart voice-command operating system DuerOS was installed on over 400 million devices as of June, through which monthly voice queries surpassed 3.6 billion.”