Walmart Embraced Irrationality And Won—Here’s What CX Innovators Can Learn From Its Success

1. Shared pain points need out-of-the-box solutions.

The most successful brands not only understand their customer journey from soup to nuts, but they also have their finger on the pulse of shared challenges—the ones that competitors have yet to solve.

2. Irrationality fuels innovation; insights inform design.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Needs are rational, but solutions don’t necessarily start off that way; rather, they often begin life as irrational ideas that take shape in the pursuit of innovation.

3. Innovation always lives in the future.

Most brands are willing to do the research to understand their consumers, lay out their customer journey maps and then build a solution, but the biggest mistake they make is by stopping there. Can you imagine how different our world would be if we simply settled for the Wright brothers’ first glider? Of course not, because innovation always lives in the future.”

New Infographic: Why banks need customer experience solutions to drive choice and loyalty

“New research from American Banker, Humanizing the Bank Customer Experience, developed in conjunction with creative experience agency Monigle, examines the core of what drives customers to choose and stick with a particular financial institution to help executives take meaningful actions to build strong bank-to-customer experiences.”

Improving Customer Experience in a Digital-First World

“Businesses increasingly see customer engagement (CE) as a competitive differentiator and a catalyst for improving business performance. But too often, there’s a disconnect between what businesses want to do with CE and what they can achieve. This disconnect has become even larger during the pandemic, disrupting many physical channels companies use to engage with customers.

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In global survey of nearly 2,300 organizations, researchers scored companies from 0 to 100 on their preparedness to engage customers. The average score of 41 highlighted a business weakness on CE.

On January 20, in a live, interactive HBR-AS webinar, managing director Alex Clemente will share the results from this survey about the areas of CE businesses struggle with—and data-driven strategies for improvement.

He will then lead a discussion with Ibrahim Khoury, director of product development and innovation at Alight, and Heather Richards, vice president of GTM for digital-first engagement at Verint, on how organizations can use technology and automation to create a better customer experience (CX). They will discuss:

– Challenges businesses face in providing the CE they aspire to
– How the pandemic magnified the need for better CE systems
– Why new technologies can help build a better CE
How businesses can use AI tools to better analyze CE data
– Why incorporating a human element in CE is crucial
– As customer expectations continue to grow, savvy organizations are figuring out how to rise to meet CE challenges—often investing in cloud-based CE and CX solutions.

To discover how to automate and scale the soft skills critical to a differentiated customer experience, join HBR-AS and these CE experts on January 20.”

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The difference between CX and DX and why they matter in ecommerce

Image Credit: Chainarong Prasertthai / Getty
  • “79% of consumers said in a Salesforce report the experience they have with a company matters as much as the company’s products and services, and that makes customer experience one of the most important competitive differentiators today.
  • Salesforce surveyed thousands of customers in mid-2020 and found that 88% expect companies to speed up their CX because of the pandemic.
  • More than half (52%) of customers expect offers from brands to “always be personalized,” according to Salesforce data.
  • 44% of consumers have abandoned online purchases because the checkout process was too long or too complicated, according to a March 2020 Sapio Research survey”

Can AI In Web Design Improve Customer Experience?

  • “AI in web design has come a long way and even got its own name, that’s artificial design intelligence (ADI).
  • The ADI design technology used by popular web design agencies across New York applies machine learning to recognize the client requirements and matches them with the existing market trends, helping the designers to create a design faster.
  • A CX maturity model follows the four major UX components – value, desirability, usability, and adaptability.”