Can AI In Web Design Improve Customer Experience?

  • “AI in web design has come a long way and even got its own name, that’s artificial design intelligence (ADI).
  • The ADI design technology used by popular web design agencies across New York applies machine learning to recognize the client requirements and matches them with the existing market trends, helping the designers to create a design faster.
  • A CX maturity model follows the four major UX components – value, desirability, usability, and adaptability.”


  • “AI is influencing CX in two primary ways. The first is through personalised data insights and advice generation (also known as next-best-action or next-best-conversation)—both direct to the consumer via digital channels and/or via interactions with a business banker, contact centre or branch staff.
  • More recently, conversational AI is increasingly influencing CX, taking on a variety of forms. Specific technologies include natural language understanding, generation and processing (NLU, NLG and NLP) and predictive or propensity modelling of various types.
  • A small but growing number of banks are creating “decision hubs” powered by a portfolio of statistical models and fed by readily available customer data
  • Initially built to maximise sales effectiveness at many banks, these hubs are increasingly designed to support a diverse set of business goals such as acquisition, retention, cross-sell and compliance but are stringently prioritised against each other—to ensure banks engage customers with the most relevant next-best-conversation possible—at each point of interaction, from branch and contact-centre conversations to mobile apps and chatbots.”

How AI Is Changing Customer Experience

How AI is changing the customer experience

  • “By 2022, customer service will remain the leading area of AI use in companies (say 73% of respondents), followed by sales and marketing (59%), a part of the business that just a third of surveyed executives had tapped into as of 2019.
  • ‘I think the next big wave is that notion of a digital profile where you and I can control what we do and don’t want to share—I would be willing to share a little bit more if I got a much better experience.’”

Data and AI Power the Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services

“Combining insights from all of these touchpoints will create an even more robust profile of your customers that can improve engagement success. Remember, consumers no longer walk into a branch or pick up a phone to voice a concern or to make a purchase. Instead, they often interact on other channels hoping that their financial institution will “figure it out.”

Build A 5-Star Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence


  • “So anyone interested in CX trends should pay close attention to the latest Customer Experience Index report from Forrester Research. The annual survey asks nearly 120,000 U.S. consumers to rank 287 brands across 19 industries, focusing on how their company-specific experiences impact brand loyalty. The alarming surprise was that the aggregate measurement of customer experiences failed to improve, with more brands than ever ranked “mediocre.” Just 37 brands rose in the rankings; the remaining 250 stagnated or declined.
  • With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), companies can now improve CX by learning more about the customer and anticipating their needs. Many CX-focused brands are deploying artificial intelligence technologies strategically at key customer touch points.
  • To illustrate what that looks like in practice, we’ve assembled five examples of AI-powered CX from five different industries—showing that 5-star customer experiences can be just an algorithm away for forward-thinking companies:

1. In retail, AI-enabled personalization unlocks access to the 1% customer.

Data shows thatthe top 1% of a retailer’s customers are worth 18x more than its average customer.

2. For a global bank, AI builds trust and loyalty.

Its approach was to leverage data intelligence into entirely new forms of customer contact.

3. For one airline, new data intelligence drives CX innovation.

Seeking to better understand its customer and, ultimately, improve its mobile app experience, the company deployed an AI and machine learning data analytics system that provided insight into customer behavior across digital and offline channels.

4. In entertainment, AI battles ticket bots.

Ticketmaster turned to AI to rewrite the rules using a machine learning system called Verified Fan

5. For one luxury hotel brand, new insight required new AI.

Until the luxury hotel brand Dorchester Collection did just that, creating a custom AI analytics system that is essentially a giant focus group operating continuously in real time.”