Ditch the data scientists and weaponize your data with AI tech (VB Live)

  • ‘”Data scientists are all about the quality of the model, tuning it and getting two percent more or 50 basis points — that’s what gets them really excited,’ Butler says. ‘But if you’re a business line owner or you’re running a $100 million renewal business, it doesn’t need to be 99.9998 percent correct. I want to be 90 percent, which is worth $20 million this quarter, so let’s forget the next two percent and put it into production.’
  • ‘Don’t overthink it,’ Butler says. ‘Just get started. And remember if you get great results, the next step is to productize it and weaponize it.’
  • To learn more about how to weaponize your data in the most cost-effective, business-boosting ways using AI, the mistakes to avoid when you’re just starting out, and more, don’t miss this VB Live event!”


Data translators a big draw as companies make shift to large scale AI

  • “Even though the data boom is relatively a recent phenomenon, around 90 per cent of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years only. 
  • However, in terms of usage, firms have only been able to scratch the surface by harnessing less than 1 per cent of those to extract useful insights.
  • The current demand is led by the ecommerce segment, including FMCG/FMCD companies, where the demand for business analysts to understand buyers’ behaviour is high. 
  • LTI also conduct Hackathons to identify potential candidates with mathematics, statistics and data engineering backgrounds who showcase these traits.
  • Analysts suggest that for every data scientist, companies will need five to seven data engineers and around 10-15 translators.”