India will be one of world’s AI superpowers, says Microsoft’s Brad Smith

  • “Smith said Microsoft is focusing on six strategies to ensure responsible AI – to ensure AI is fair and unbiased; secure and safe; protects people’s privacy; inclusive; transparent; and accountable.
  • “These issues around facial recognition go to the heart of democratic freedoms, and it will be the world’s great democracies that need to lead the way…There should be safeguards put in place including in the law to ensure that government cannot use facial recognition in a way that would impinge on our most cherished democratic freedoms,” he added.”

AI Fintech ubble Secures Over $11 Million in Capital to Develop Digital ID Verification Product using Biometric Facial Recognition


“France-based AI company ubble has acquired more than €10 million (appr. $11.2 million) in capital through a round led Breega and Partech and Breega. The funds raised will reportedly be used to develop ubble’s remote onine ID verification product which will include biometric facial recognition.

The AI-focused firm said it’s planning to establish a leading presence in the digital ID verification sector.”

AI Fintech ubble Secures Over $11 Million in Capital to Develop Digital ID Verification Product using Biometric Facial Recognition

Why Clearview AI is a threat to us all

  • “However, the technology itself isn’t an issue, it’s how the company acquired its 3 billion-image database: Clearview scraped images from our collective social media profiles.
  • According to the company, more than 600 police departments across the US reportedly use the Clearview service — including the FBI and DHS.
  • “The weaponization possibilities of this are endless,” Eric Goldman, co-director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University, told The New York Times in January.”

AI Facial Recognition and IP Surveillance for Smart Retail, Banking, and the Enterprise

  • “AI facial recognition for smart retail 
  • With the FaceMe AI Facial Recognition solution retailers can analyze customer information such as gender, VIP status, emotion, age, and name. An interactive dashboard records real-time in-store analytics. The results can help determine consumer behavior at every touchpoint. A real-time graph shows unique visitors, numbers of visits, average visit time, and total visit time.”
  • China’s AI champions are already powering a mind-boggling array of processes and this will rise in 2020

    • “Formerly known as Face++ before rebranding in January 2019, Megvii has transformed itself from a facial recognition algorithm provider into a fully-fledged artificial intelligence of things (AloT) service provider
    • For personal IoT, Megvii technologies enable over 3.5 billion instances of facial identification and payments processes every day and its algorithms cover 70 per cent of the mainland China Android market.
    • Its supply chain IoT enabled the on-time delivery of over 1.5 million packages during the Singles’ Day shopping spree with the help of 400 robots”