36 Disruptive AI Technology Trends For 2019-2020 by Shrikant Srivastava

“Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Clinical Trial Enrollment

Improved Healthcare Biometrics

Efficient Drug Discovery

AI-based Search Technology

Checkout-Free Retail

Logistics for Warehouse

Peer-to-Peer Networks

Facial Recognition

Cyber Threat Hunting

Surveillance via Computer Vision

Self-Driving Vehicles

Traffic Management

Smart Tracks

Digital Number Plate For Vehicles

Predictive Maintenance & Algorithms

Computer Vision for Defect Detection

Collaboration of Humans & Robots

The Advent of Quality 4.0

Improved Visualization Technology

Real-world experience with Voice Assistants

Personalized Play for Each Gamer

Elevating Customer Experience

Advanced Hiring Process

Business Model Transformation

Credit Risk Assessment

Easy Fraud Detection

Safe Trading With Predictions

Auto-Claims Processing

Improving Social Networks

Empowering Marketers

Effective Audience Targeting

AI-supported Content Design

Internet of Things


Augmented Reality”


Nvidia CEO: AI is the single most powerful force of our time

“During a conference call with analysts, Huang said that artificial intelligence is the “single most powerful force of our time” and that there are more than 4,000 AI startups working with Nvidia. That compares to 2,000 AI startups in April 2017. And in an interview with VentureBeat, Huang said that actual number of AI startups that Nvidia is tracking is closer to 4,500.”


Facebook’s new poker-playing AI could wreck the online poker industry—so it’s not being released

“A team from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Facebook used a combination of AI techniques to out-bet and out-bluff human players in a game of six-player, no-limit Texas Hold’em. Each of the humans involved had previously won more than a million dollars at the poker table—which included Darren Elias, who holds the record for most World Poker Tour titles, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who has won six World Series of Poker titles, as well as one inferior poker bot.”