Google MUM is Coming to Lens

  • “Google announced that their next generation super algorithm MUM is coming to their Google Lens product. This fulfills the promise of MUM which allows a user to search not just with text but with images as well.
  • This helps when you’re looking for something that might be difficult to describe accurately with words alone.
  • MUM, our advanced AI model, is coming to #GoogleLens early next year. You’ll be able to snap a photo AND ask a question, which can be helpful in those moments you need to fix a broken part and have no idea what it is”

Google is doubling down on a powerful new AI tool for Search

  • “Google wants your search queries to look less like a Jeopardy! answer and more like a chat with your friend—filled with the kind of slang and shorthand only a human would understand.
  • To get there, the tech giant is enlisting a powerful AI tool you all might remember: a large language model, specifically one called MUM (multitask unified model).
  • This year, they wanted to do the same thing for queries about the Covid vaccine—so they used MUM to “generate over 800 names for 17 different vaccines in 50 different languages” within seconds, Pandu Nayak, Google’s VP of search, told Popular Science.”

Artificial Intelligence is more profound than fire, electricity, or the internet, says Google boss

  • “‘It can make humans more productive than we have ever imagined,’ said Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google’s owner Alphabet.
  • ‘I view it as a very profound enabling technology,’ said Pichai. ‘If you think about fire or electricity or the internet, it is like that but I think even more profound.’”

Google fuels online shopping with Lens, AI, and Shopify

“As part of its I/O 2021 keynote today, Google talked about online shopping and the ways it is boosting this experience for both merchants and shoppers. Among other things, the company introduced its Shopping Graph, a dataset ‘enhanced’ using artificial intelligence to monitor a variety of constantly changing parameters, ensuring shoppers can find products they’re looking for in real-time.”

Google launches suite of AI-powered solutions for retailers

“Google today announced the launch of Product Discovery Solutions for Retail, a suite of services deigned to enhance retailers’ ecommerce capabilities and help them deliver personalized customer experiences. Product Discovery Solutions for Retail brings together AI algorithms and a search service, Cloud Search for Retail, that leverages Google Search technology to power retailers’ product-finding tools.

Ecommerce order volume has increased by 50% compared with 2019, and shipment times for products like furniture more than doubled in March. Moreover, overall U.S. digital sales have jumped by 30%, expediting the online shopping transition by as much as two years.“