3 female AI trailblazers reveal how they beat the odds and overcame sexism to become leaders in their field

Claudia Exeler, the 29-year-old using AI to help Facebook track down hacked accounts

Sandra Wachter, the Oxford and Turing Fellow researcher whose work has been picked up by Google

Doina Precup, the Romanian-born academic who was personally headhunted by the boss of DeepMind


Google I/O: From ‘AI first’ to AI working for everyone

  • “Two years ago at the annual developer conference, Pichai laid out Google’s “AI first” strategy. On Tuesday, he laid out ways AI is having a significant impact across across all of its platforms, products and services. 
  • ‘We are moving from a company that helps you find answers to a company that helps you get things done,’ Pichai said in his Google I/O keynote address. ‘We want our products to work harder for you in the context of your job, your home and your life.'”


Former Google CEO ‘absolutely convinced’ AI will create ‘huge jobs shortage’

  • “I’m absolutely convinced that there’s going to be a huge job shortage,” he told Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. ”And by that I mean not enough people to fill the jobs that are open because of this.”
  • “There’s no question that it’s disruptive,” he added. ”This is not a job killer. This is a job creator.”


Google’s AI is growing up

“Deployment is the word we’ve been using most commonly in Cloud AI at the moment,” Moore said at a press briefing April 11. “It is all about taking a project from initial inspiration all the way through to it running for your business reliably. We’re no longer interested in the world of proof of concept being the main form of AI in product.”


Google launches an end-to-end AI platform

“As expected, Google used the second day of its annual Cloud Next conference to shine a spotlight on its AI tools.

The highlight of today’s announcements is the beta launch of the company’s AI Platform.

  1. One of these new features is AutoML Tables, which takes existing tabular data that may sit in Google’s BigQuery database or in a storage service and automatically creates a model that will predict the value of a given column.
  1. Also new is AutoML Video Intelligence (now in beta), which can automatically annotate and tag video, using object recognition to classify video content and make it searchable.
  1. For detecting objects in photos, Google also today launched the beta of AutoML Vision
  1. Google also today announced the beta of its Document Understanding API. This is a new platform that can automatically analyze scanned or digital documents.
  1. Contact Center AI. This service, which was built with partners like Twilio, Vonage, Cisco, Five9, Genesys and Mitel, offers a full contact center AI solution that uses tools like Dialogflow and Google’s text-to-speech capabilities to allow its users to build a virtual agent system (and when things go awry, it can pass the customer to a human agent).
  1. Google Cloud Retail. This service combines the company’s Vision Product Search, Recommendations AI and AutoML Tables into a single solution for tackling retail use cases. “