Google heralds a new era of ‘Deployed AI’ to transform businesses

  • “This new era is called the age of “Deployed AI,” which Google Vice President of AI Andrew Moore said in a blog post means having a “vision for transforming your business.”
  • “The campaign reached nearly 500 million people across multiple continents, generating measurably positive uplift in brand engagement and consideration in the process.”
  • One example is Unilever’s use of Google’s Cloud Vision API and Natural Language API services to analyze the metrics of a Closeup toothpaste marketing campaign across South Asia.”

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce –

  • “AI is now also improving the online shopping experience for consumers as well as retailers like most other fields. But exactly how it is doing so, what is the speed of its growth and what are the challenges that we may face are the burning questions. Most retailers are already using AI into their ecommerce processes from virtual assistant chatbots to customized shopping experiences.”