8 Powerful Examples Of AI For Good

  1. “Accessibility – There are more than 1 billion people living with a disability around the world. Artificial intelligence can be used to amplify these people’s abilities to improve their accessibility.
  1. Climate Change, Conservation and the Environment
  1. World Hunger
  1. Human Rights
  1. Fight Fake News
  1. Education
  1. Healthcare
  1. Resilience”


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Yes, AI will soon be everywhere – but it will support humans, not replace them

  • “‘We are increasingly seeing artificial intelligence and machine learning being subsumed into industries like healthcare, education and architecture.’
  • ‘We are going to become more aware that we’re outsourcing decision making to machines, and that’s going to be a huge trust leap.'”


Have you heard about…Qure.ai



Prashant Warier, CEO of Qure.ai



Qure.ai Launches AI Product for Head CT Scan Interpretation

  • We trained the new AI using a collection of 313,318 anonymized head CT scans, along with their corresponding clinical reports.
  • The validation study found that our AI was more than 95% accurate in identifying abnormalities.


Healthtech Startup Qure.ai Is Using AI To Speed Up Radiology Diagnosis

  • Mumbai-based Qure.ai aims to fill this gap by applying AI and deep learning technology to studying radiology images for quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases.
  • In the healthcare market, the commercial use of AI is expected to reach $36.1 Bn by 2025, at a CAGR of 50.2% between 2018 to 2025.
  • The company claims to have used more than 7 Mn data sets to trained its AI algorithms, and has validated test  results and accuracy of its diagnosis at global institutions such as Stanford University, the Mayo Clinic, and the Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • https://www.google.com/amp/s/inc42.com/startups/qure-ai-in-healthcare/amp/%3futm_source=sharebuttons&utm_medium=mashshare&utm_campaign=mashshare